BTS Members Renew Contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC | ARMYs React

BTS members renews their contract with BIGHIT Music

MembersThe legacy of the K-pop global superstars will continue! On Wednesday, the group’s managing agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, confirmed the news that all BTS members has renewed their contracts with the K-pop label. Let’s check out their fans’ reactions and explore what this means for the group.

BTS members renews their contract until 2034

The seven-member global K-pop boy group has once again renewed its contracts with the longtime managing label BIGHIT MUSIC. As some of the BTS members are currently serving (and more will enlist later) in the mandatory military service, the label announced that the septet will resume as a group in 2025.

  • BIGHIT MUSIC’s parent company, HYBE, further detailed the contract in their statement. They shared that upon considering the ongoing enlistment of some of the BTS members (JIN, j-hope, and SUGA), the agency will sign the contract in a sequence.
  • The enlisted members will resume their exclusive contract period from 2025 until 2034. The agency also donated 1 Billion South Korean Won ($700,000 U.S. dollars) to UNICEF’s Love Myself campaign (launched in 2017 in collaboration with the group) as a gratitude to BTS and ARMYs.
  • The group’s leader, Kim Namjoon, also shared this happy news through his personal Instagram account with an image of the contract, ‘2025’, and a purple heart.

Why is it a major feat of the group?

The seven-member group consisting of RM, JIN, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook debuted in 2013 as the underdogs of the K-pop industry that was ruled by the three major companies namely JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

  • Following their uphill climb, all BTS members decided to renew their contracts with the agency one year earlier in 2018 (right after their breakthrough in the US). This came as a surprise because renewing the contract was considered challenging.
  • Moreover, if one considers all the factors that affect a contract renewal, including the terms between the agency and members (as a group and individually), one can understand that it is difficult to continue for many years.
  • Fans of BTS and K-pop, in general, are very happy to see the positive change of frequent contract renewal without losing any members in the third-generation groups of Korean entertainment.

ARMYs react to the contract renewal

The fans of BTS rejoiced with the news of the group’s contract renewal with their agency and shared their heartfelt congratulations. They also announced their own renewal of dedication towards the group as a fandom. Read some of their reactions below.

  • Following this happy news, ARMYs cannot wait for 2025, when BTS members returns as a group. For the unversed, BTS went on a semi-hiatus last summer as they began to prepare for their military enlistment and pursue solo projects.
  • Ever since the temporary halt, all the members have individually broken records and charted on Billboard. The latest achievement is BTS V’s album Layover which received double million-seller status and charted on the Billboard 200 on No. 2.
  • Lastly, as per the announcement, BTS SUGA is the next member to enlist in the military after JIN (December 2022) and j-hope (April 2023). After this, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are also expected to enlist soon and return for their reunion in 2025.

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