BTS members’ solo activities and Releases this 2022

BTS members' solo activities and Releases this 2022

ARMYs, are you ready for filled BTS months ahead just before this year ends? We have been seeing the boys active in different fields, just as music, fashion, and even gaming too! If you want to know what’s in store for the BTS members’ solo activities and releases this 2022, then stick with us here! The Kpop global sensation brought the fandom thinking about the “temporary hiatus” last June in a live stream.

Their company easily spoke up and debunks all disbandment and hiatus news going around, and instead mentions that the members would be focusing on their solo projects and activities at the moment. Since then, the seven-member boy group has been active almost anywhere, but individually, you may see their Instagram accounts too because pretty sure they’re having a nice time!

BTS members’ solo projects

In case you’re wondering how active would BTS be, you may want to read here. The members do have solo priorities at this time, and it shows with the following schedule you may want to look forward to. Also, we’ll have this arranged by age, so let’s start, shall we?

1 Jin

Head over to Jin’s Instagram account, and see how he’d been enjoying resting and coming into solo projects. During the June live, he mentioned his solo album is in the works! Although he has not specified any possible dates yet, Jin said that his solo would probably be the last to be released. Well, we hope to hear from him soon about it!

  • Moreover, there’s still a question lingering in the minds of ARMYs, will Seokjin enlist in the military? The latest update about BTS enlistment, specifically Jin’s, will be sorted out by December, according to Minister Park Bo Kyun. We’ll have to wait a few more months to know how would happen. Although we do think that they would not be exempted from enlistment. Let’s find out soon.

2 Suga

When we say productivity, you say Min Yoongi. Productivity? Min Yoongi! Exactly, because he’s probably the busiest member among all BTS. Suga mentions what he’ll be doing during the months of no group comeback. He has dance and vocal lessons, well that’s a nice thing to do like keep the working attitude ready. Even his members didn’t expect this kind of passion he’d been doing. Productivity? Min Yoongi!

  • But that’s not all, he’ll study English and Japanese languages too, how can his mind bear that? We don’t know, he’s too admirable. And if you think we’ll stop there, no, Suga also has guitar and harmonics lessons, and some Pilates classes on the side too. Booked and busy, that’s Suga for us. On second thought, he could probably be the next one to drop a solo album, 2/3 of the producer line, perhaps.

3 J-Hope

Suga has been doing almost all the lessons he could do right now, while J-Hope went straight to his love — music. He’s the first member to release his solo album after the June “temporary hiatus” event. J-Hope released his album Jack in the Box last July 15th and a music video of his song “Arson” as well.

  • Additionally, last July 31st, he attended the Lollapalooza Music Festival and marking as the first BTS member solo appearance. J-Hope makes history too as the first South Korean act to headline the mainstage at the music festival.

4 RM

The leader has started his solo journey years ago in a released mixtape in 2015. The BTS leader has not mentioned any plans for new music during the live, but just a personal development journey. RM would probably want to rest for a while, but we think he’ll release some music in the upcoming months. We hope we are right about that!

BTS members' solo projects, RM
Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • Moreover, RM just released the special folio collection entitled “Me, Myself, and RM: Entirety”, last August. Each member would probably be able to do their own folio collection, but RM happens to be the second member to do so. As we have mentioned, maybe the producer and rapper line would be the first ones to release the solo albums, so maybe RM could be the next?

5 Jimin

Park Jimin opens up about his writing for his solo album. He subtly confirms that his album is in the works as he compares how different it is to write on his own and write for the group. Although no possible date yet, we hope we can listen to it very soon! Let’s go, Jimin!

BTS members' solo projects, JIMIN
Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • Oh, and by the way, Jimin would be the third member to release his special folio collection. He opts for the dark concept, and pretty sure ARMYs would love this entitled “Me, Myself, & Jimin: ID: Chaos”.

6 V

Another member who’s suiting up for his solo release is the second youngest, Taehyung. He’s been very hands-on with his upcoming album and seems to not be satisfied just yet for release. V wants a certain theme flow in his album, and maybe we can hear that soon. We’re pretty sure we’ll love your music, Taehyung!

  • As we can remember, V attended the Paris Fashion Week 2022 with co-idol BLACKPINK Lisa and actor Park Bo-Gum for CELINE. The trio looks stunning!

7 Jungkook

Lastly, our maknae Jungkook has been actively collaborating with artists in the music industry. He recently released the global famous collaboration with singer Charlie Puth with the song “Left and Right”. Jungkook has not mentioned any possible date for a solo release, but maybe we can expect a few more collaborations soon. Jungkook focused on being motivated to try different things, as he said in the live.

Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • Jungkook was the first member to release his special folio collection entitled “Me, Myself, & Jungkook: Time Difference”. He went into a prince charming kind of vibes with a hint of a bad boy type. It fits him perfectly, to be honest.

That’s it, ARMYs! We’ll have a few more months before 2022 ends, so we can expect a few BTS members solo this year!

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