Top 5 BTS music videos ranked: Which songs had the best choreography?

Top 5 BTS best choreography

The K-pop star BTS is famous for their choreography as much as their singing and lyrics. Hence, we present the Top 5 BTS music videos based on performance.

Dance choreography is an intricate part of the K-pop industry. It is given just as much importance as the music itself. The dance moves powerfully embody the lyrics to showcase more talents of the artists. BTS who is now a household name across the globe masters the art of storytelling through their choreographies.

There isn’t a concept from powerful to sensual that they can not pull off successfully. The credit for this goes to the tireless dance training they received before their debut and also to their choreographer Son Sung Duek. Who choreographed most of their performances including DNA, IDOL, and Fake Love.

Out of all the many let us take a look at some of the excellent music videos featuring the best choreographies. Which aren’t only well executed but also filled with memorable wow points.

Top 5 BTS best Music Video Choreography

Image courtesy of Hybe entertainmentIt is hard to pick the best choreographies of BTS as dance performances are one of their most powerful factor since their debut. Their song We Are Bulletproof pt 2 from 2013 is still one of the hardest to learn. The attractive point of this choreography is the hat trick including Jimin, J-hope, and Jungkook. The dancer line of the group.

However, that was just the beginning of Bangtan Boys and there are many more that deserve the crown of best choreographies. Without further ado let’s check the Top 5 of BTS’s best-choreographed music videos.

5) Fake Love

Fake Love of BTS is bound to make it onto this list for its memorable amnesia-inducing shirt lift of Jungkook. The choreography is catchy and fresh. It effortlessly showcases each member’s strength such as Jimin’s sensuality and Jin’s expressions.

While also furthering the story of the BTS universe with choreography points such as the mirror reflection performed by J-hope and Suga. Not to mention the sexy concept of the music video just adds to its repeat value.

4) Spring Day

Spring Day is worthy enough to receive the title of the national anthem for BTS ARMYs. The melancholy song is one of the most popular traits of BTS’s discography and is often remembered as an example of their vocal strengths.

However, this song also features one of their best choreographies. It expresses the pain and yearning of the song and also the change in BTS’s music that took them to a new peak in their career.

3) DNA

The preppy 2017 track DNA was everything that people think of when they think of K-pop. It has a refreshing pop of color and beats. Along with the bridge featuring Kim Taehyung’s smothering deep vocals.

The mesmerizing point of its choreography is the smart point of the finger during the chorus and formation creating DNA’s structure with the interlocking of members’ hands. It is also a great symbol of their teamwork.


IDOL by BTS is in a true sense a concert song. ARMYs would gladly pay just to watch this one track being performed live.

The semi-traditional steps include the energy that radiates through the audience making it a challenge to not jump along with them. It is also one of their choreographies that highlights the powerful synergy with their backup dancers during concerts.

1) ON

Many popular choreographies of BTS deserve praise however ON is one of their signature songs. It features everything from choreographical wow points to formation.

It also represents the large-scale mega-crew performance that is unique to BTS. Not to mention the amount of stamina its choreography requires.

These are some of the top music videos of BTS for their choreographies. There are many more significant ones that unfortunately missed featuring on this list. Such as Mic Drop with its dance break and Baepsae for the crow-tit step referring to Idom, “If a crow-tit walks like a stork, it will break its legs

Moreover, the other worth mentioning choreographies include Boy With Luv, which consists of easy steps to match to reach closer to the ARMYs by dancing together, and the sign language, in Permission To Dance. Truly, the list is neverending.

Which is your favorite BTS choreography of all time do let us know in the comments below and follow Spiel times for more fun K-pop and K-drama rankings.

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