BTS News – Jungkook Cookie Run: Kingdom Character; How to get?

Any ARMYs up in here? We have another BTS news here for you. For the past few days, we have been talking about BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom, and today’s no exception. The final cookie and teaser dropped earlier today, and you must be wondering now how to get them. Complete the BTS Cookie Run: Kingdom characters, we’ll help you do it! So without any more segues, let’s keep the cookies running!

BTS Jungkook Cookie Run: Kingdom Character

For the last character to unveil, we have the maknae, BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook! Like the other members, a behind the scene sneak peek of his voice recording was posted on YouTube.

  • As much as we love Jungkook’s singing voice, his cookie voice-over is so adorable! Also, see the cute photo shoot of Jungkook and his character via a Tweet posted by Cookie Run: Kingdom!

  • But that’s not all, ARMYs! Say hello to the whole crew in BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom. This is such a cute photo, and pretty sure you want to have those cookies too, right?

BTS Cookie Run: Kingdom characters

  • We’re done with the first look at the BTS cookies, we’re off to the next date! According to the timetable, we’ll have to wait for October 3rd (KST, EST) for The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom Teaser. Here’s the schedule, in case you don’t want to miss anything!

  • Oh, by the way, while we wait for the next surprise, care to know how to get these cookie characters?

How to get BTS cookie characters?

We’ll get straight to the point, maybe all of you are excited about this *wink*

  • As of now, there has been no announcement yet about when the BTS cookies will be available in the game. We guess, we have to wait until the very last surprise drops, probably during the in-game concert day!
  • But if you’re new to the game, we’ll give you a heads up on how to get new cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
    • The primary way to get new cookies is through Gacha. It’s like a treasure chest filled with different items, Cookies, Soulstones, Costumes, and Treasures!
    • In using Gacha, you must have and be ready to spend enough Crystals to draw one. You’ll be needing 300 Crystals per draw, but you can have tenfold the amount back if you’re lucky! Alternatively, special Gacha items may be used as well.
    • For newly-released Cookies, there is a Featured Gacha that has freshly baked Cookies in the Gacha draw. You may want to look at this one for the upcoming BTS cookie characters! It costs the same as the earlier Gacha draw.
  • For now, it would be nice if you’ll save Crystals! We’ll never know how many Gacha we would be drawing to complete the adorable BTS cookies!

Other BTS event rewards

While we’re here on this topic, you may wonder what event rewards are we talking about. If you haven’t read the earlier articles about BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom, we got you covered right here.

  • There’s this in-game concert entitled “Braver Together”. You have to pre-register first to be able to join the event. When the pre-registration reaches a certain number, players will be given special rewards! Here’s the goal, Cookie runners!
BTS x CRK braver together in-game concert, pre-reg
Image Courtesy of Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • In case you missed it, be one of the lucky 300 fans to be able to attend the in-person concert of BTS in Busan, South Korea. Once you pre-register, you have a chance to win a ticket for the concert, so you may want to register here!
BTS Cookie Run: Kingdom characters, Busan Concert
Image Courtesy of Cookie Run: Kingdom

That’s all for now, cookie runners! Better run!

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