BTS is an extremely famous Korean Boy band
BTS is an extremely famous Korean Boy band (Image via Twitter / @ians_india)

This June 2023, two BTS solo documentaries will be released in theaters all around the world to mark the group’s tenth anniversary. Both j-hope IN THE BOX and SUGA: Road to D-DAY will be displayed in theaters worldwide beginning on June 17 for a short time, according to the band’s record label Big Hit Entertainment.

The sale of international tickets will start on May 17 at 8:00 KST (4:30 AM IST). The two BTS documentaries are already streaming on Disney+. On Tuesday, May 16, at 4 PM PDT, and Wednesday, May 17, at 12 AM BST and 1 AM CEST, and 8 AM KST, tickets will go on sale. This will happen one month prior to the release of these documentaries in theaters.

BTS films in theaters: Date and How to buy tickets?

ARMYs can’t wait to watch BTS on the big screen once more. Yet to Come in Cinemas was exhibited earlier this year for multiple nights. However, ARMYs anticipate that Big Hit Entertainment will bring additional concerts and BTS projects to the big screen, including Bon Voyage.

SUGA AND J- hope to release their own documentaries
SUGA AND J- hope to release their own documentaries (Image via Getty Images)

So, it’s finally here. This is wonderful news for all BTS Army fans. The solo documentaries of BTS members J-Hope and SUGA, which were previously released on Disney+, will soon be accessible to all fans across the world.

Big Hit posted a remark about SUGA’s documentary. It says that the film “captures Suga on a musical journey following his road trip around the world” and “takes the viewers through the ins and outs of his creative process”.

Both Disney+ and Weverse are currently showing SUGA: Road to D-DAY.

J-Hope, the BTS rapper, will film 200 days of his daily life in his solo documentary that will begin with the recording of his first studio album, Jack In The Box (2022). This is also streaming on Disney+ and Weverse presently.

To watch these documentaries in a theater, interested people must purchase tickets. The tickets can be purchased according to the local time zones. Moreover, on the website for BTS solo documentaries, fans may sign up for tickets.

However, as of right now, no information is available regarding the current ticket costs.

What are these documentaries about? 

  • In a press release, the agency announced the films. It said, “moviegoers around the world will get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and work of the global music superstars in an immersive experience that can only be felt in movie theaters, thanks to large screens, three-dimensional sound.”
  • You may learn all about Suga and J-Hope in depth in these documentaries as well as how their careers began. According to the official announcement by Big Hit Entertainment, these two documentaries will be released in theaters for all of the fans.

  • A description of J-Hope’s IN THE BOX states that “over the course of the documentary, viewers will be given a close look at the creative process of the artist during the album’s preparation process, as well as front row seats to j-hope’s epic 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the Jack In The Box listening party”.
  • On the other hand, D- Day talks about SUGa as he embarks on a solo journey, “traveling the world in search of inspiration for his recently released solo album D-DAY. Throughout the documentary, moviegoers will see the star at his most vulnerable, as he discusses his writer’s block with other musicians, and delves deep into his most traumatic memories to pen lyrics for several of his latest songs”.

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