BTS: SUGA drops D-DAY Album + What is Haegeum?

BTS SUGA drops D-DAY Album + What is Haegeum

Another day, another piece of music brought to you by BTS! On the afternoon of April 21 KST, BTS SUGA, or should we say Agust D, dropped his newest album entitled D-DAY. This album marks SUGA’s first official solo album, and ARMYs just couldn’t contain their excitement. As he drops his album, the title track “해금” or Haegeum got listeners wondering what is it, and amazing the lyrics of this hip-hop track of Agust D.

Let’s take a look at SUGA’s D-DAY album and the meaning of Haegeum. SUGA has been active in releasing solo tracks since he debuted as an idol. As one of the producers in BTS’ producer line, SUGA already released a few mixtapes years ago before his solo D-DAY album this 2023.

SUGA AKA Agust D released 10 tracks for D-DAY

Believe it or not, yes, you can listen once again to 10 tracks from SUGA’s latest album. So take this time to stream and appreciate all this wonderful music from Min Yoongi! The D-DAY album mainly focuses on hip-hop, R&B, and a hint of pop. If you love rap, you surely would love to have this album on repeat.

SUGA introduced Agust D to the music industry way back in 2016. He first released his mixtape “Agust D,” where he freely let himself loose, without the constraints of musical structure and just his pure interest and musical creativity. In 2020, we heard Agust D’s “D-2” which includes 10 tracks again. Now, we just met the last of this trilogy, the D-DAY.

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D-DAY’s tracks

What can you expect from BTS SUGA? Of course, he was part of the creation of all songs included in the D-DAY album. A perfect track to begin with, “D-Day,” gives and sets the energy for this whole album. Followed by “Haegeum” which people just have to love its lyrics. Really, what is it exactly that’s been restricting us? / Maybe we do it to ourselves, accompanied by the rebellious yet interesting music video below.

One of the most touching tracks on the album is “Snooze,” featuring the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, an Oscar-winning composer, and producer whom SUGA admires greatly. The song also showcases the vocal talents of WOOSUNG, a member of the Korean rock group, The Rose. Through this emotional ballad, SUGA reveals a more vulnerable side of himself, acknowledging the hardships he has faced along the way.

While tracks like “SDL” and “People Pt.2” feat. IU gives this underlying theme of resilience and pushing through difficult times ties the album together. Regardless of the ups and downs, SUGA remains steadfast in his determination to forge ahead and continue creating meaningful music.

BTS SUGA D-DAY album, people pt.2
Screengrab Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

While “HUH?!” gives this strong impression as SUGA banters with bandmate J-Hope. In the whole track, the two members answer each other with bars. Other songs that connect all songs into this whole experience of an album are “Polar Night,” “Interlude : Dawn,” and “Life Goes On.”

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What is Haegeum?

Pretty sure, international fans came curious about what it means. Haegeum is a traditional Korean string instrument. It closely resembles a vertical fiddle and has a rich history that can be traced back to the ancient Chinese xiqin. Its unique features include a rodlike neck, a hollow wooden soundbox, and two delicate silk strings that produce a mesmerizing sound when played with a bow.

Agust D D-DAY album, haegeum
Screengrab Courtesy of HYBE Labels via YouTube

Interestingly, SUGA used Haegeum as the title as he also used the Korean traditional sound in the track. One can experience the fusion of hip-hop and traditional Korean music with the electrifying track “Haegeum”. BTS SUGA perfectly made a dynamic composition that puts a unique spin on a classic hip-hop beat by infusing it with the captivating sound of the haegeum.

As a guest on IU’s Palette on YouTube, SUGA explained the depth of Haegeum. It doesn’t just mean the instrument, instead, Haegeum has another meaning – lifting a ban and allowing something that is forbidden. We can probably say that the track means, being freed from being forbidden.

Why is SUGA called Agust D?

Just a quick explanation for those wondering why we keep calling SUGA “Agust D”. SUGA used this name since he started releasing his mixtapes. The meaning could be understood when you read the letters backward. So what is the meaning of Agust D? DT stands for his hometown, Daegu Town, while “Agus” is simply SUGA written backward!

Now, have you listened to the whole album, ARMYs? Go check Agust D’s D-DAY!

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