BTS SUGA holds D-DAY Encore Concerts in August | Can you watch Online?

BTS SUGA holds D-DAY Encore Concerts in August | Can you watch Online?

ARMYs who visited the last concert of BTS SUGA’s successful solo tour, D-DAY, witnessed the surprise with which he can meet more fans soon. On June 24 and 25, the BTS rapper was wrapping up his tour under the alias of Agust D at Jamsil Stadium in his homeland when fans received the notice of SUGA’s D-DAY encore concerts that will be available to watch online.

On the last night of the D-DAY tour, SUGA was about to descend from the stage after bidding farewell to his fans when a message appeared on the stadium’s screens. A poster designed in the retro style with bright colors, various fonts, and SUGA images announced that the successful world tour isn’t ending today but will include special encore concerts in August.

Where to Watch BTS SUGA’s D-DAY Encore

As per the announcement, SUGA will continue his solo tour under the alias of Agust D in August. The encore D-DAY concerts will take place at the KSPO Dome on August 4, 5, and 6, 2023. Apart from that, the three ‘D-DAY: The Final’ encore concerts will also be streamed live so ARMYs around the world can join to watch it online.

Fans who couldn’t catch his earlier shows are excitedly waiting for tickets to go on sale and further information about the live streaming, which will likely take place through Weverse.

  • HYBE also streamed the last two days of D-DAY in Seoul on June 24 and 25 at 7 PM and 5 PM KST, respectively. These shows are also currently available for delayed single-view streaming on July 1 and 2 at 11 AM KST.

ARMYs can enjoy watching the replays by purchasing a ticket on the same platform. Tickets are available as 1-day or 2-day passes. The two-day pass allows fans to log in and catch the replay of the live streaming of both days in HD.

  • Do take note that the tickets are only available for the members of the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY.

The upcoming live stream of SUGA D-DAY encore stages is likely to take place similarly. Due to this, fans are excitedly waiting for the tickets to go on sale for KSPO Dome and the Weverse Livestream. Meanwhile, they couldn’t help but express their excitement and reactions to the announcement poster on Twitter.

ARMYs react to the Encore Concert Poster

As much as fans are excited to once again see their favorite artist perform his latest tracks during the D-DAY encore concerts of SUGA’s first-ever solo tour, they couldn’t help but note the eccentric retro poster of the announcement.

  • On one hand, this encore stage is an emotional moment of achievement, as SUGA once shared how much holding a concert at the KSPO Dome means for the K-pop boy group. BTS got this opportunity during the ‘BTS Epilogue’ concert in 2016 when SUGA bowed to his parents and shed tears of joy.
  • Now, when he is returning to the same stage for three days of encore concert with a great number of achievements to his name, fans appreciate this yet another success of SUGA‘s hard work and dedication. However, despite the joy, they also laughed about the retro announcement poster and stated that the graphic designers were so unserious.

This news of SUGA’s D-DAY encore concerts and its availability to watch online furthered the excitement of BTS’ 10th anniversary in June to the second take of their journey as the global K-pop artist. The fans can hardly wait to join the packed setlist once again on August 4 to 6.

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