BTS SUGA x Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Why is the New Promo Video trending? | ARMYs React

SUGA's new promo for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 trends

The South Korean tech company famous for its Android phones, Samsung unveiled a new promo video featuring BTS SUGA on September 12. The promo video highlights the multitasking feature of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, this video is particularly going viral among the fans of BTS SUGA, and here’s why.

BTS SUGA’s new promo for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 goes viral

The official Twitter handle for Samsung uploaded a 30-second promo clip featuring BTS SUGA. In the trending video, the global superstar is wearing a dashing black suit blazer and sitting next to a guitar. He is lightly enjoying the instrument learning session on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

  • Later, he gives a soft smile as he checks out messages alongside another video of a basketball playing on his screen. Lastly, he is seen video calling BTS RM and waving him goodbye before the invitation to join the ‘flip side’ slides onto the screen.
  • As much as this video is adorable and features two of the beloved BTS members, the true reason for it garnering over 1 million views, 20.1K reposts, and 41.7K likes on platform X (formerly known as Twitter) is pretty adorable.

ARMYs react to the BTS SUGA x Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 promo video

After the publishing of the latest promo clip from Samsung on the social networking site, the video started to garner ARMY’s attention. They commented on various supportive words and shared how much they miss SUGA.

  • The fans also expressed their sentiments for seeing the cute video calling between the two BTS rappers. Some joked that they must be discussing their group comeback of 2025 after all the members have completed their mandatory military service.
  • However, more than anything, ARMYs thanked the Samsung account for posting an update of the star. Following the conclusion of SUGA’s D-DAY world tour and the announcement of his upcoming enlistment, the updates of the star’s been slim.
  • Although fans have frequently met him through his talk show, Suchwita, they still missed his various updates. Samsung’s new promo came at the right time to fill the space for the ARMYs. Read some of the cute and sweet reactions of ARMYs below.

More about SUGA x Samsung

Around a month ago, the Haegeum singer became the first person in the world to own the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. The tech giant also posted a picture of the singer and Samsung mobile’s chief Roh Tae-Moon after SUGA attended the Galaxy Unpack event held at COEX in southern Seoul.

  • The K-pop rapper, songwriter, and producer also received an honorary employee ID card as a member of the “Galaxy Marketing team” with a letter and bouquet. The partnership between Samsung and BTS ran a couple of years ago.
  • In one of the promo interviews posted on Samsung’s official YouTube channel, SUGA shared that he has been using Samsung phones since the Samsung S7. Additionally, the star’s comment “No iPhone, No iPhone, only Galaxy” during his recent solo world tour became a viral meme that resulted in many fans switching to Samsung.

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