BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo interaction caught in a Viral Video | Fans React

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo interaction

We didn’t think anyone saw this coming, and we were just as surprised as everyone was. The K-pop town is buzzing as two of the most famous celebrities were seen together. BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo attended an art exhibition event. Their snippets soon went viral across social media as fans requested their pictures together. Read ahead on what you missed out and more about the fans’ reactions.

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo interact at an art exhibition

BTS’ V, famous for his deep baritone and BLACKPINK‘s lead vocalist, Jisoo, attended the pre-event of Frieze Seoul 2023 Paradise Art Festa. They were accompanied by many South Korean and international celebrities, including all the members of NewJeans and Hallyu star Lee Min Ho.

  • However, the clips of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo quickly went viral as the fans called the night a dream come true. The small snippets show the two stars sitting around the same table and making small talk that delighted their fans.
  • Squid Game‘s famed actress Jung Ho Yeon and Tomorrow star Lee Soo Hyuk also shared the table with the K-pop duo, which made the clip even more special for K-pop and K-drama fans. This event not only united the leading stars of the Korean entertainment industry but also their extensive fandoms.

Fans react to videos of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo

This event and the interaction of the two K-pop singers was exceptional as it was their first sharing of screen space after 2017’s SBS Inkigayo K-pop Super Concert, where they hosted the show along with GOT7 Jinyoung.

  • Due to this, the fandoms expectedly went into a frenzy, and the stars soon took over the global trending charts of platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Read some of their reactions below:

  • Fans (and us, too) hope that the two share a photo during that brief interaction after a long time. For now, let’s take a look at BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo projects happening soon.

BTS V’s recently released the Slow Dancing MV

The visual king recently unveiled his first solo album, capturing his raw baritone with a jazz background, LayoverOut of the six tracks, he has released three, including Love Me Again, Rainy Days, and Slow Dancing.

Kim Taehyung also joined the famous reality show Running Man to promote his upcoming album. Moreover, he joined Dingo Story’s You Have Done Well, where he met an ARMY and spent an entire day with her, leaving many fans jealous with joy. He also appeared on You Quiz on the Block and talked about his members, younger siblings, and many more.

BLACKPINK Jisoo might star in K-drama Influenza

The K-pop singer who recently broke many records and topped the trends on X and TikTok with her first solo debut song, Floweris in the news again with the reports of a new K-drama. Jisoo previously launched her acting career alongside Jung Hae In in the controversial K-drama Snowdrop.

  • Following that, she is reportedly once again ready to grace the screens in a zombie thriller K-drama titled Influenza. The drama is a love story of two separated lovers amid a zombie outbreak based on a novel of the same name written by Han Sang Woon.
  • Oscar-winning film Parasite famed writer Han Ji Won also co-wrote the drama. As per the latest reports, Jisoo and the Hellbound actor Park Jung Min are reviewing the scripts and offers. Read more about the Influenza‘s plot and release date here.

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