BTS V hints his Solo Debut MV filming in Paris
Image Courtesy of V via Instagram (@thv)

Another day, another hoping for solo debut news for BTS V and Jungkook! Among the seven-member-boy group, only the two have yet to release their official solo album. However, KTH1 (Kim Taehyung 1 or solo) is probably coming soon to us, ARMYs. We may have seen a few photos of V in a recording studio in a recent Instagram photo dump of him. Is it really coming?!

The BTS members have been active in their individual schedules for now. SUGA’s D-DAY became the latest solo album that reached ARMYs last April, and we might see a few more tracks ahead. The members also get featured in collaborations like Colde with RM and the upcoming Fast X soundtrack with Jimin. We love these new BTS tracks, so please keep them coming!

KTH1: Is BTS V’s solo coming?

Oh, when we say that ARMYs were wild seeing that photo, we mean it. After V shared the Instagram post, ARMYs quickly trended KTH1 IS COMING on Twitter. Nope, there’s no official announcement about Kim Taehyung’s solo yet, but we just know that almost everyone’s waiting for it.

BTS V solo debut album, studio photo
Image Courtesy of V via Instagram (@thv)

BTS V’s studio photos might mean anything; however, with his caption “these days” and a face emoji with an eyebrow raised, we can’t help but speculate. This could mean he’s probably in the recording studio and cooking something good soon! We still have to wait for KTH1 news to confirm all the speculations.

Going back to his Instagram photo dump, fans find the next photo too cute and irresistible. If you see his recording studio shots, brace yourselves TaeKook fans, for a cute photo up next. Both members wore their leather jackets, with Taehyung biting the plastic’s handle while Jungkook posed for a V-sign. Even their hair is almost similar!

BTS V and BTS Jungkook, IG post
Image Courtesy of V via Instagram (@thv)

Will V start his music video shoot?

On May 15 in South Korea, BTS V is seen at the Incheon Airport. And after an hour, HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT TAEHYUNG trended worldwide on Twitter. The 27-year-old idol flies to Paris early, adding to fans’ curiosity and speculations. While Taehyung trends, fans can’t help but start a rumor that he might film his music video in Paris.

If this is true, we can hear about it when he starts filming in the city of love. There might be lucky ARMYs to pass by V if he begins filming for his solo album music video. We hope you can have a safe flight, Kim Taehyung! Now, ARMYs, what would be the genre of V’s title track for his solo album? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s been just a day, and Kim Taehyung never fails to make much noise on K-pop Twitter. Kim Taehyung and TAEHYUNG TAEHYUNG also trend with thousands of Tweets under K-pop and Korean music, respectively.

Fans react after the studio photo and MV filming rumor

While nothing’s certain as of now, let’s take a peek at the ARMYs’ reactions when V dropped the studio photos. Everyone just went KTH1 IS COMING, but others may have foreseen what they’ll be like when the solo drops. 

  • On the other hand, some fans wanted to hear the unreleased songs of Taehyung. We can also find fans that just can’t wait for it to be announced and released.

  • And early today, we got the MV filming rumor circulating on Twitter. Could it be that Taehyung sets to film in the city for his solo? Or should this be another fashion event for CELINE or Cartier?


ARMYs, are you ready for the announcement of the coming of V’s (and Jungkook’s, too!) solo album? Prepare to mark your calendars pretty soon if all these speculations are true!

If you have questions about BTS V’s possible solo debut or K-pop, you can share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times.

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