BTS V’s Top 9 Favorite K-pop Songs You Should Listen To

BTS V lists his favorite K-pop songs

Have you ever wondered if the songs you enjoy are BTS V’s favorites as well? If you have, then Spotify has got you covered. Recently, while Taehyung was promoting his solo debut album Layover, he appeared on Spotify’s K-pop On! uploaded on the music streaming site’s YouTube.

During the interview, he answered various questions while also doing some activities. During one of the interview segments, BTS V was asked to list the top songs that he has been listening to nowadays. This was part of a bingo game with the staff, but you, too, can join in by listing your favorite songs and then seeing how many matches with BTS V!

Top 9 Favorite K-pop Songs of BTS V

9. Slow Dancing – BTS V

The ninth spot on BTS V’s list is his romantic song Slow Dancing from his solo debut album, LayoverThe music is composed in the 70s soul pattern with laid-back vibes befitting the title.

8. Super – SEVENTEEN

BTS V lists SEVENTEEN’s Super as the eighth song that is his current favorite. Although the star doesn’t share any specific reason for liking this track, one can find it understandable that this energetic song is included in his playlist.

7. Better Things – Aespa

Better Things by SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa is one of the favorite songs of Kim Taehyung this season. Despite not listing a specific reason, one can assume that the global superstar enjoys this summer track with a rhythmic, up-tempo sound as the summer breeze passes.

6. Love Me Again – BTS V

BTS V suitably picks his mesmerizing song Love Me Again from his solo debut album Layover on the sixth spot of the list of his favorite songs. Subsequently, it is also one of the tracks that received the most love for its endearing lyrics describing a lover’s plea.

5. The 7th Sense – NCT U

One of the most acclaimed songs from NCT U, titled The 7th Sense (released seven years ago), is also BTS V’s long-time favorite song. The star shares that he particularly enjoys its music video for its ‘cool and beautiful’ vibes.

4. Seven ft Latto – BTS Jungkook

BTS V shared his support for his dear maknae by listing his solo debut single, Seven ft Latto, as one of his favorite songs. Following this, ARMYs are awaiting the release of Jungkook’s solo album. We’re pretty sure V can’t wait for the golden maknae’s album too!

3. Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s wife – LE SSERAFIM

BTS V seems to enjoy the dance challenges as much as his fans because he lists the popular girl group and his label mate LE SSERAFIM’s Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife as one of his favorites. The BTS singer also does a cute little dance of it, which you can watch in the interview here.

2. Bite Me – ENHYPEN

BTS V lists another of his label mate’s songs, Bite Me by ENHYPEN, as one of his recent favorites. He also endearingly calls them his ‘company’s little bros,’ just adding more love to this Spotify list.

1. Hype Boy – NewJeans

The fever of NewJeans’ Hype Boy doesn’t appear to die down anytime soon, and understandably so, as it is one of the best songs and top favorite songs of BTS V. The singularity singer also recalls the time when he participated in its dance challenge along with the girl group by doing some of the steps.

These are BTS V’s top 9 favorite K-pop songs featuring the leading third and fourth-generation K-pop artists. Do you have the same K-pop music tasted like V?

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