BTS x Cookie Run Kingdom Jin Cookie, what we know so far

Kpop and gaming? This is somehow nice to read, and it’s coming on its way for the fans. ARMYs, are you ready to play with the cutest Cookies in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom? If you want to know what we are talking about, then stay with us! Cookie Run is an endless running game on mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Devsisters and LINE headed its publishing, while Devsisters and Press A Studios LLC managed its development. And for this year (and this coming month of October), a surprise is coming to the Kpop fans’ way as they announced a BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration. Here’s Jin Cookie, Braver Together in-game concert, and all details of what we know so far!

BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom Collaboration

If you think that we’ll only have a Jin Cookie, *sings Permission to Dance* we don’t need to worry, ’cause all the members are here to land! BTS holds their Braver Together in-game concert in Cookie Run’s Kingdom Park, so be sure you’re there to raise your lightsticks, ARMYs. How to pre-register? We got you.

  • Currently, they released three members recording their Cookie’s voices for the game! RM, Jin, and Suga have just been warming up their voices for you to hear!

BTS x Cookie Run Kingdom RM, JIN, SUGA

  • We may have to wait for a couple of days for the sneak peek of the voice recording of the rest of the BTS members. Check out the photos of the three members and their cookies below. You may check the official Twitter of Cookie Run: Kingdom too. So cute!

BTS with Cookies RM, JIN, SUGA

BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom schedule

Meanwhile, Cookie Run posted the schedule for the upcoming collaboration and the Brave Together in-game concert, here’s what we got!

  • September 23 EST: Pre-registration, and tickets are made available.
  • September 23 to 29 EST: First Look: BTS Cookies, these are the behind the scene recording of the members!
  • October 3 EST: ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ Teaser
  • October 5 to 12 EST: Still unknown, maybe a little surprise for the fans? We’ll see!
  • October 6 EST: Special Photo
  • October 8 EST: ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ Episode 01
  • October 11 EST: ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ Episode 02
  • October 12 EST:  BTS in Cookie Run: Kingdom opens!

How to pre-register for the Braver Together in-game concert?

It’s an easy pre-registration for everyone who wants to join. Just simply log onto and head over to the official BTS in Cookie Run: Kingdom website here, and enter your email address to successfully register.

  • If you read the information on the website, there are FAQs, and mentioned special rewards for the Cookie Run: Kingdom players. Here’s what they got:
    • If registration reaches 500,000: 1000 Crystals
    • If 1,000,000: 3000 Crystals and 10 BTS Crossover Gacha Draws
    • If 2,000,000: 5000 Crystals, 15 BTS Crossover Gacha Draws, and Braver Together Concert Decor
    • If 3,000,000: 7000 Crystals, 20 BTS Crossover Gacha Draws, Braver Together Concert Deco, and BTS Balloon Decor
BTS x CRK braver together in-game concert, pre-reg
Image Courtesy of Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Moreover, if you think that’s all they have, Cookie Run: Kingdom has more for the fans of the Kpop sensation, BTS. If you’re lucky enough, 300 fans will have a chance to gain tickets for the upcoming in-person Busan Concert of the group on October 15!
    • Certainly, you may want to check out your registered email on Thursday, October 6th, to know if you won the raffle.
BTS Busan concert via Cookie Run Kingdom raffle
Image Courtesy of Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Additionally, we may want to wait for the update of the Cookie Run: Kingdom. More BTS-themed content may arrive in the game a day after the BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom opens.

Are you ready for this smooth like butter with sweetness and Cookie shape, ARMYs?

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