BTS ‘Yet To Come in Busan’ concert; Next member’s solo + Jin’s enlistment?

BTS 'Yet To Come in Busan' concert; next member's solo, Jin’s enlistment

ARMYs, were you able to watch the concert of BTS last weekend? If you’re one of the lucky fans, pretty sure many ARMYs envy you. However, to those of the fans who weren’t able to watch it at the stadium live, we may have all the happenings you need to know during the BTS’ Yet To Come In Busan’ concert. The group revealed the next member’s solo, and if you’re wondering about Jin’s possibility of enlistment, you may want to know here. Shall we RUN to it now, ARMYs?

BTS ‘Yet To Come in Busan’ Concert

Let’s first start with the 50,000 ARMYs who attended the Busan concert of the Kpop sensation BTS, while 12,000 additional capacity for fans who wanted to watch on massive screens on Busan Port and Haeundae Beach. These thousands of fans filled the venue swiftly, holding their lightsticks as it happened to be three years after their 2019 concert in the area.

BTS 'Yet To Come in Busan' concert, weverse live
Image Courtesy of Weverse
  • The seven members reunite for the free concert held in the Asiad Stadium in Busan to support the host, South Korea, for the World Expo 2030. They were the chosen ambassador of the said expo and gave fans a 90-minute event to enjoy.

What went down during the concert

  • The boys delivered 20 of the songs live for the ARMYs watching it live in the stadium. Of course, they wouldn’t want international fans to miss the live event so BTS partnered with the online platform, Weverse, to stream the whole concert for their beloved fans.
  • Included on their setlist are songs such as “Spring Day”, the very much hyped “Fire”, and one of their most popular English track, “Dynamite”. A fireworks show started the concert, but their Mic Drop opening performance made everyone pumped up.
BTS 'Yet To Come in Busan' concert, stadium
Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • And pretty much sure they know how to hype the crowd up. As soon as Mic Drop ends, for the first time, they performed “Run BTS” which is included in their Proof anthology album.
  • A few highlight performances in the BTS ‘Yet To Come in Busan’ concert would be the unit performances. The members’ Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook sang cooly and warm to the ARMYs with their song 00:00 (Zero O’Clock). Well, you know what the rapper line has in store for everyone, Suga, J-Hope, and RM nailed the stage with performances of “UGH!” and “BTS Cypher PT. 3: Killer.”

The members’ thoughts on the concert

  • We’ve been looking forward to this Busan concert,” V said in a ment, but he added that there are two members who were the most excited.
  • BTS members Jungkook and Jimin shared the strange feeling and excitement of coming back to their hometown and performing for everyone. Jimin shouts, “Welcome to my city, let’s go!” during their “Ma City” performance. Both members felt at home and happy to showcase what they have in front of the Busan crowd.
BTS 'Yet To Come in Busan' concert, performance
Image Courtesy of BigHit Music via NBC News
  • Furthermore, RM mentions, “We’re holding a concert in Busan in three years since 2019. We’re honored to be back such a long time to hold a concert supporting Busan’s bid to host the World Expo.
  • J-Hope opens the topic on the group’s future, he says:

Trust is what we need now. Both ARMYs and us members, we need to draw our future together upon trust for each other.

Future schedules: Next solo, and enlistment

  • Jin announces to drop his solo soon, just right after J-Hope’s solo last July. This may have been the biggest surprise on Saturday, October 15th, to fans all around the globe. In his words, he would drop a single from someone whom he really liked very much. We can’t wait, Jin!

  • The eldest member also mentions about this Busan concert is the last concert they have in plan. There is no plan for the next show, which makes us go back to what J-Hope said, there should be trust between the ARMYs and the members.
  • UPDATE: Just a few hours ago, BIG HIT MUSIC released a statement regarding the mandatory military service of the group. It is now confirmed that BTS would render service to the Korean military. With this said, after Jin’s solo release, he will proceed to the enlistment procedure. We will see the group back again for their activities in 2025. We wish the best for the members.

  • Additionally, regarding the mandatory military service, Jin would be turning 30 in December, and it’s most likely that the member would be serving in the military. Although none of this is confirmed yet, talks say that this would be confirmed in December, and we should wait for that, ARMYs.
'Yet To Come in Busan' concert, members
Image Courtesy of @bts_bighit via Twitter
  • Before concluding the concert with songs “Spring Day” and “Yet To Come”, Suga quickly said, “Some people say this and that about BTS’ future, but we’ll stay here 20, 30 more years. Let’s grow old together.”

Did anyone else cry during the concert? Count us in, ARMYs!

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SOURCE (for translation purposes): Inquirer Entertainment