Symmetra will be buffed come this November. She needed that very much.

The November update for Overwatch will see a buff to the support hero Symmetra. Right now, her abilities and play style make her quite situational and limited to a niche of games. She’s one of the least picked heroes in Overwatch.

The developers are keen on changing this. They would like to see her played more, and are investigating closely about what things can be changed to make Symmetra a more popular hero.

Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan confirmed these details in a recent interview.

Fans and lovers of the game alike were rooting for Symmetra’s buffing since quite a while. It seems quite pointless to keep a very less used hero who is a good pick in certain specific situations only.

And along that line, the buffs promised in November were quite foreseeable as well.

Symmetra is a support hero, but unlike other Overwatch support heroes, she can’t heal. This is one of the primary reasons why this Indian architect character is played so less. Blizzard will take a close look to first figure out what’s wrong before putting in place any direct and blind buffs to her.

Nevertheless, some of the changes we can expect are a buff to her hit points, making her less squishy, empowering her shield support, and a boost to her turrent cooldowns, as they are pretty much the main thing with her – luring people into turrent-filled spaces and hurting them in close quarters.