Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty returns this year with Black Ops Cold War that serves as a direct sequel to 2010’s iconic Black Ops.  It’s a no brainer that expectations are sky-high for the single-player campaign of the game, considering how incredible Black Ops’ campaign was back in the day.

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Fueling fans expectations here is the popular Industry Insider who goes by the Twitter handle- ModernWarzone. He recently took to Twitter to state that an internal source has told him that this year’s Black Ops Cold War has one of the best campaigns in all of Call of Duty games. Here are his exact words-

ModernWarzone is the same guy who earlier leaked the Warzone Battle Royale mode that made its way into last year’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Even then, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Although there’s little to no surety to his words, Black Ops Cold War’s single-player campaign sure looks promising if the recent single-player gameplay trailer that debuted at Sony’s PS5 event is any indication.


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