Call Of Duty Warzone
  • The Haunting of Verdansk is a limited-time Halloween event coming to Call of Duty Warzone.
  • It features a cross over from the ever-popular horror franchises: The Saw & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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  •  The new trick-or-treat reward system adds special boxes that either contains rare blueprints and personalized items, or something spooky.
  •  A night time Zombie Royale mode where players have to survive with undead with supernatural abilities as well as other regular players.
  • New themed bundles from both The Saw & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre available to purchase.
  • The Saw Bundle includes garb of Billy the Puppet, Billy” skin for Morte, The Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment piece, a special throwing knife and blueprint weapons – one Assault Rifle and one Shotgun
  • .The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle includes Leatherface” skin for Velikan, “Family Heirloom” LMG blueprint, “Family Heirloom” LMG blueprint, an SMG blueprint weapon, a vehicle horn, and five additional Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed items.

You can read the entirety of new features coming with this latest update here. Haunting of Verdansk is a part of Call Of Duty Warzone Season 6 and will be available from October 20 to November 3, 2020.