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The new season of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2, Task Force 141, comes with new content including weapon updates. The new season will go live on February 24th at 1:00 AM GMT+1. Aside from a new battle pass, players can expect certain weapons to be nerfed and buffed. The JAK-12, a fully-automatic shotgun will also be included in Season 2 along with a new scorestreak (Chopper Gunner) and attachment (Thunder Sling for HBRa3).

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Listed below are the weapons and their specific stat changes for the new season.


  • AK-47
    • Chest and upper arm multiplier from 1x to 1.1x
    • Using 5.45 rounds (attachment) will garner the following:
      • 4 shot range 13m to 17m
      • 5 shot range 22m to 26m
      • 6 shot range 32m to 36m
      • +10 rounds
      • Decreased recoil by 5%
  • HBRa3
    • Headshot multiplier 1.1x to 1.3x
    • Chest multiplier 1.1x to 1.2x
    • Range increased:
      • 4 shot range from 13m to 18m
      • 5 shot range from 25m to 28m
    • Reload speed increased:
      • Tactical reload: 2.3s to 2.1s.
      • Full reload: 3s to 2.7s
    • With Thunderbolt Sling equipped (New attachment):
      • -25% sprint to fire delay
      • -5% lateral recoil
      • -10% vertical recoil
      • -5% ads movement speed
      • +8% ads bullet spread
  • Kilo 141
    • Decreased recoil magnitude
  • Peacekeeper MK2
    • Reduced horizontal recoil
    • Smoothened horizontal recoil
  • RUS-79u
    • 4 shot range from 3.5m to 8m
  • AK117
    • No specific details yet about changes for this weapon
  • Rytec AMR
    • Range increased from 50m to 60m
    • Light Barrel (Attachment) range penalty reduced
      • 20% to 10%


  • Type 25
    • Flinch has increased by 15%
    • Bullet speed has increased by 25%
    • Reload time has increased
      • Tactical reload: 2.05s to 2.3s
      • Full reload: 2.58s to 2.8s
    • 42-round Fast Reload (Attachment)
      • ADS time increased from 5% to 8%
      • -18% reload time to -10% reload time
      • ADS movement speed decreased by 3%
    • 46-round Extended Mag (Attachment)
      • ADS time increased
      • ADS movement speed decreased
  • NA-45 (for Undead Siege mode)
    • Damage inflicted to zombies has increased from 150 to 500
    • Damage inflicted to self has been reduced from 80 to 1
  • NA-45 (for both MP and BR mode)
    • Explosive radius is reduced by 20%
    • Fire interval is increased from 200 milliseconds to 250 milliseconds
    • When Lightweight perk is equipped, trigger fire interval is increased
  • Hacker Class (for BR mode)
    • Reduced the time it takes for players to break free from hacked effect
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