Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Teaser Reveals A Multiplayer Scene

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the new chapter in Activision’s famous shooter saga, is proving increasingly interesting. Infinity Ward is creating a title that respects the glories of the sub-series from which the game takes its name, aiming at achieving something new and modern. The results can be admired on the first of August when the multiplayer component of this COD will be unveiled.

Already now, however, the official social media channels of Call of Duty Modern Warfare show us through a small teaser a landing scene in a multiplayer map currently known by “Gun Runner”. This sequence will be an introduction at the beginning of the match. The teaser is very short, as the name already suggests, but it is interesting.

For now we have got to discover various details about one of the multiplayer modes that will be present in the game: Gunfight. This is a 2 vs 2 battle, in small maps, with a randomly chosen set of weapons but equal for all four players. This is a modality that focuses on the speed and on the reasoned use of the environment, even vertically, for what we have been able to see so far.

Let’s not forget, however, that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will also feature a single-player campaign. In the latter, it seems that there will be various familiar faces, some of which are still unveiled but whose presence is confirmed by both developers and a line of action figures. Tell us, what do you think of what emerged so far about the Activision and Infinity Ward game?

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