Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will enable crossplay

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

It has been announced by developers Infinity Ward and Activision that full crossplay will be available for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The game will have dedicated servers to ideally help ensure stability at launch and beyond.

The introduction of crossplay is a crucial step in the Call of Duty franchise but does come with the potential issue of server instability – which has been prominent in some instances of competitive online gaming. However, it is hoped that dedicated servers will address this potential issue.

It’s said that the crossplay will see matchmaking using input. Therefore, players using controllers will be paired together; as well as mouse and keyboard players being paired together – this is similar to how Fortnite pairs players.

However, Infinity Ward has come up with a solution for those console players looking to play with their PC friends and vice-versa. In these situations, teams of mixed input players will be matched with other teams comprised of both mouse & keyboard players and controller players.

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