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While few details are available, leakers say a small, secondary Call of Duty Warzone 2 map is now in the works, according to Activision. Tom Henderson, an industry source, has already revealed many potential Call of Duty: Warzone 2 leaks. This includes information on the brand-new map and swimming features.

COD: Warzone 2 – Secondary Map

TheMW2Ghost Leaks Map Image Replica

  • May 18th
    • A well-known Call of Duty leaker, TheMW2Ghost, claimed to have seen the future map that will be utilized for both Warzone 2 and the mysterious DMZ mode. This will be coming to Modern Warfare 2, which leakers suspect is an Escape from Tarkov-inspired survival mode.

On Twitter, TheMW2Ghost posted a simple map layout that they claim is a replica of the genuine map image.

The leaked image doesn’t provide much detail, but it does show a vast river flowing and a lake to the east. The map has a few padlock and weapon icons, but it’s unclear what they’ll symbolize in this new game.

NerosCinema Leaks

New leaks surface claiming that Warzone 2 map will include an old map including the Highrise, Quarry, and more.

  • May 17th
    • YouTuber NerosCinema revealed possible Warzone 2 material on his channel, saying that the battle royale’s sequel will have a different approach to loadout drops. While loadouts are to return in Warzone 2, NerosCinema feels that with the addition of a new feature Strongholds and the technique of securing one will change.
    • Loadout drops, according to this leak, will be locked behind a Stronghold, with players having to fulfill a set of missions or objectives in order to access the loadout. Strongholds, according to the leak, would be the sole option for players to get their unique loadouts in this Warzone sequel.
Screengrab Courtesy of @charlieINTEL via Twitter
    • According to new reports from NerosCinemas, the battle royale sequel will be similar to Black Ops 4’s Blackout rather than Modern Warfare 2019’s Warzone. Armor plating will still be available, but according to the YouTuber’s source, players will need to obtain a satchel to carry it, which is similar to the armor system in Blackout.
    • Players will have limited inventory space, similar to Blackout. Extra guns can be stored in the bag as well although they will take up more inventory space. This prompts a more classic battle royale inventory management experience.


Warzone 2 is releasing in 2023, following the October 28 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. PlayStation users will get a first look at the Modern Warfare 2 beta thanks to Activision’s collaboration with Sony. The transaction between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, which owns the Call of Duty series, is still in the works.

Rumor: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Image – Real or Fake?

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