Great news for Call of Duty fans as the Warzone Season 5 Patch is now live and brings along a hell of a lot of things! From new weapons and operators to new gameplay settings and bug fixes, it has more than you can ask for.

“The Season Five #Warzone update is going live soon! New Battle Pass, new Weapons, new Perks, new Gulag, mysterious new POIs, and more…”, tweeted @RavenSoftware.

In the following sections, you’ll find everything you need to know about the new update. What we couldn’t write about, can be found in the images attached. So, do check them out too. Now without wasting any time, here we go.

General Updates

Gameplay changes – Courtesy of Raven Software

Some major changes and additions the update brings along with it are as follows:

  • The game’s Season 5 Battle Pass comes with 100 New Tiers, which includes new weapons, new operators, and new skins.
  • The season also introduces a new Operator in the form of Kitsune, and those who buy Battle Pass Bundle can unlock him.
  • New Mobile Broadcast Stations will be available in Verdansk.
  • A new Gulag: Rush has been introduced, which is based on a classic Black Ops II map.
  • It introduces Red Doors, which is a new concept as these send you weird locations, instead of the room you are looking for.
  • This season, a new Armor Box icon has been added separately it from the Ammo Box icon.
Courtesy of Raven Software

New Weapons

Now let us talk about the reason we play a shooter game, that is, the weapons. Two new Weapons are now available to unlock with this update. First is EM2, which is a fully automatic assault rifle with very high damage and a built-in zoom optic. The second weapon is TEC-9, a semi-automatic submachine gun with good accuracy, low recoil, fine range, and high damage. You can find the list of new attachments in the image below.

Courtesy of Raven Software

Apart from this, two more weapons will shortly be introduced as the season progresses. One of them will be a Walking Cane which you can use as a melee. You can swing it hard to deal significant damage to the opponents. The next one would be Marshal, which is a handgun with a double barrel and 12-gauge shells. It will deal significant damage to the opponents at a close range. That aside, it introduces two-weapon Unlock Challenges for MG82 LMG and C58 Assault Rifle.

New Operators

Courtesy of Raven Software

What is any game without characters? Players are always excited to use new characters and new skins. So, this season a new character called Kitsune (Warsaw Pact) has been introduced to the game. You can get access to it at Tier 0 in Battle Pass and unlock a rare skin at Tier 100.

Kitsune aside, two more characters are also set to launch as the season progresses. One of them is Stryker (NATO), and you can unlock him as part of the Season 5 Store bundle offering. The other one is  Hudson (also NATO), and you can unlock him in the same way at a later date. Some new character skins have also been made available.

The download size of this Warzone update will be 13.7 GB for PS 4&5, 13.2 GB for Xbox One & Series X/S, and 19.3 GB for PC.

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