Windows 10 Store refunding Call of Duty players as no one’s playing multiplayer

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Get your refund if you haven’t already

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare failed to take market and now this. The game was released on both Steam and Windows Store for PC, but unfortunately players can’t play together. This made two small multiplayer communities – the Steam version, and Windows 10 version. Of course, Steam beat Windows 10 version in market, and the Windows 10 servers are nearly dead.

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Having no other option to go with, Windows 10 Store is giving refunds to owners of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare if they complain about the lack of online players. In my opinion, it’s not Windows’ fault. The problem occurred because many of those Windows 10 systems aren’t genuine. Also, Steam is a larger community of gamers (only gamers) having over 125M active users. If you are aware, there are over 400M systems using Windows 10, but only 25% of them are gamers. Most of them are either operated in offices, for work purposes, and personal use.

Moreover, the game got enough negative feedback, to kill the interest among players. It is worth noting that the split online playerbase is not Microsoft’s fault, but a decision of Activision itself. The Windows 10 Store has no rules that prevent cross-platform play with Steam users, making Activision’s decision here ridiculous.

Right now we cannot recommend that anyone buys Infinite Warfare from the Windows 10 Store, as while the game is cheaper it lacks the ability to play the multiplayer component of the game.

12 thoughts on “Windows 10 Store refunding Call of Duty players as no one’s playing multiplayer”

  1. Audrius Kliukas

    What were they thinking… There are barely any players on Steam. Why did they think splitting almost non-existent community is a great idea?

    1. There’s surely no restrictions for cross-platform functionality from Microsoft’s side. But it’s Activision that were too lazy.

      I admit some people want to try out the game on Windows 10. But giving these people a dead community isn’t a good start.

      1. Windows is trying to create their own competitive gaming platform on pc thus being a competitor to steam…
        why would it be open?

        That is the same as console gamers all playing together no matter the console.

        1. Because you need to gain ANY market share at all before you lock out what is by far the most popular online gaming platform to ever exist. You will never build market share from zero like that.

          1. ?
            Does not every business start from zero?
            And would not Microsoft be known for creating Xbl for pc?
            You do not get fair play with market shares just because you want in.
            Or, not in America.
            Microsoft knows this since they themselves like monopolizing whatever they are interested in.

        2. Still petty stupid. EA’s bad company 2 released both on Steam and Origin. However, they use same servers thus enabling cross-platform play. BTW, ‘cross-platform’ sounds so stupid, because we all know this platform is called PC. I don’t understand why Activation and Microsoft can’t even get a single game working on the same server.

    2. I think developing cross-play from Steamworks to non-steamworks was the problem. It’s not like developing your own net-code then it removes the difficulty of distributed clients. That’s just not the case here. So yes Activision/IW was being lazy but lazy for a reason.

  2. Uplay, Origin, Steam, Win10 Store, Rockstar Social Club… What client to choose? And then there is the console-PC cross play question.

    Devs should have cross play enabled between all the clients and consoles by default now. It’s the consumers who lose in these stupid decisions.

    1. If you buy a game on Steam, then it already comes with Rockstar Social club or Uplay, Origin, etc if required.

      As for console/pc cross play – it’s been tried and was shelved pretty quickly.

      It was tried with an earlier version of CoD while still in development – pc players with keyboard/mouse consistently annihilated console players.

      1. You can easily get around this by plugging in a switch to enable/disable cross platform search.

        Not all users are excellent at keyboard and mouse. And not all games are FPS. In recent history, RL is the best example of how cross platform play can work.

  3. the game is crap everyone knows that.they all got it for the cod 4 remaster which everyone is still playing the old version.i dont think they should give them their money back personally.lack of online play isnt microsofts fault its cod if fault.

    you bought a AAA titale gmae at launch thats your fault.

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