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Get your refund if you haven’t already

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare failed to take market and now this. The game was released on both Steam and Windows Store for PC, but unfortunately players can’t play together. This made two small multiplayer communities – the Steam version, and Windows 10 version. Of course, Steam beat Windows 10 version in market, and the Windows 10 servers are nearly dead.

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Having no other option to go with, Windows 10 Store is giving refunds to owners of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare if they complain about the lack of online players. In my opinion, it’s not Windows’ fault. The problem occurred because many of those Windows 10 systems aren’t genuine. Also, Steam is a larger community of gamers (only gamers) having over 125M active users. If you are aware, there are over 400M systems using Windows 10, but only 25% of them are gamers. Most of them are either operated in offices, for work purposes, and personal use.

Moreover, the game got enough negative feedback, to kill the interest among players. It is worth noting that the split online playerbase is not Microsoft’s fault, but a decision of Activision itself. The Windows 10 Store has no rules that prevent cross-platform play with Steam users, making Activision’s decision here ridiculous.

Right now we cannot recommend that anyone buys Infinite Warfare from the Windows 10 Store, as while the game is cheaper it lacks the ability to play the multiplayer component of the game.