Hey, players! Got any questions about the action and adventure free-to-play game, Chimeraland? If you’re having quite a trouble installing and playing the game, maybe you’d like to check this out. We’ll tune you on Chimeraland‘s PC system requirements to make sure your devices are fit to enjoy the game fully! If you’re also wondering where you can play Chimeraland, we’ll discuss all the platforms where you can play the game. Just quick information for you, Pixel soft and Level Infinite developed and published the game, respectively. It came to the market and public pretty recently, just in July 2022!

Chimeraland‘s PC System Requirements

Can I run Chimeraland? If this is your question, just read through it here. You may be able to download the game on your devices, however, you may need to know how you can maximize the game’s graphics and gameplay.

  • The following are the minimum requirements for your PC devices for this game, do take note! This requires a 64-bit processor and OS, by the way!
Operating System (OS) Windows 10 (or Windows that installed DirectX 11)
CPU Intel Core i3-10300
RAM 8GB or higher
Graphics Card GTX 760
Network Broadband Internet Connection
Storage 12GB available space
Image Courtesy of Steam
  • But, if you prefer a better output of the game, you may want to have these recommended requirements as you run the game!
Operating System (OS) Windows 10 (or Windows that installed DirectX 11)
CPU Intel Core i5-10400
RAM 16GB or higher
Graphics Card RTX 2060
Network Broadband Internet Connection
Storage 12GB available space
  • Basically, that is all you need to know about the system requirements to smoothly run Chimeraland. Now, if you’re curious about where you can play the game, check out below!

All playable Platforms

You know that Chimeraland is playable on PC, and just for additional information, you may also use your smartphones to play! Let’s thank the developers for letting us play Chimeraland on all these platforms: PC, Android, and iOS devices. So if you need some guidance on your smartphone’s system requirements, we got you.

  • For your Android devices, peek at the minimum requirements below. While the next table is the minimum specifications needed for iOS devices.
Operating System (OS) Android 6.0 and higher
CPU Snapdragon 450 and above
Storage 6GB


OS iOS 9.0 and higher
CPU A9 and above
Device iPhone 6S and above
Storage 6GB
Chimeraland gameplay
Image Courtesy of Steam
  • Moreover, check the tables below for the recommended requirements for Android and iOS devices, respectively.
Operating System (OS) Android 9.0 and higher
CPU Snapdragon 845 and above
Storage 10GB


OS iOS 14.0 and higher
Device iPhone 8 and above
Storage 10GB
  • That’s probably all the specifications you need to know. If you’re wondering what this game is about, we’ll briefly introduce you to the world of Chimeraland.

More about Chimeraland

As we move on from all Chimeraland platforms and system requirements, we’ll now jump to the introduction of the game. It is an open-world, simulation, action, and adventure genre of play that takes you to prehistoric times.

  • An innovative open-world game with the imagination of Eastern Mythology. A boundless universe, transform a mystical wilderness, be whatever you want to be, one-of-a-kind ancient beasts, versatile weapons for better combat.”
Chimeraland Graphics
Image Courtesy of Steam
  • Live like you’re in those times! Gather resources, grow crops, craft some items, and be anyone you want. You may see yourself as a dinosaur or a jellyfish, or you can also have your own dinosaur pet for an instance. Try the game out!
  • Also, Chimeraland is a cross-platform game! This means that all game data and (purchases too!) can be played across all available platforms. Customize your characters, meet new creatures, enjoy the 1000-kilometer world, and ready your combat playing!

Are you ready to dive into the world of Chimera?

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