The medieval-themed multiplayer battle game is coming into other game devices soon. Mordhau came out back in April 2019 but it was only available on PC. Which is also become a popular game for PC players and has many positive reviews on Steam. It currently has 84,116 reviews with a very positive note.

With success going on for the game, there is no wonder why they are going to expand to other game devices too. This is a good step for the game to be popular even more. Making this action also gives chance to other players who want to experience the game. In the comfort of their own game devices.

As this news going on with Mordhau coming to other game devices. Would Nintendo Switch be among the devices? We are yet to know in this article, so read more to find out.

Get to know the game devices available soon for Mordhau

The game devices

It was first announced through IGN on their website. Moreover, these are the game devices coming soon for Mordhau.

  • PlayStation devices: PS4, and PS5.
  • Xbox devices: Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch is not included in the game devices. Don’t lose hope, the game developer might also add it in the future.

When is it coming?

There is no specific date included in the announcement video. It only says ‘Coming Soon’ so we may have to wait a little further for this game. But we do hope it might come within this year.

More about the Mordhau game
  • Players are going to experience fighting on the war battlefield that can go up to 64 players. They can choose two war modes between Frontline and Invasion.
  • But if you are feeling to playing on the battlefield, players can also play duels.
  • Go into battle in your style. Players can choose their outfits for war such as helmets, arms, chest pieces, shoulders, legs, boots, gloves, and more.
  • Not only the outfit but players can also customize their weapons for battle. Players can pick the grip up to the blade of their weapon. The outcome of making the weapons can be endless since there are a lot of combinations to try on.

To have an idea of the gameplay, you may also want to check out this video below.

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