Can you play MultiVersus offline?

MultiVersus offline mode

Hey, brawlers! Have any other questions up on your sleeves? Shoot us a comment below. Anyways, for today’s article a lingering question of “Can you play MultiVersus offline?” caught our attention. Well, maybe you’d like to stick around with us to answer this question. MultiVersus is a fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, respectively.

Warner Bros. Games recently released MultiVersus on July 19th for open beta and players have been crazy about the game. Now, players ask if they can play the game offline, we’ll give you information on this one below.

MultiVersus offline play

To answer your question, brawlers, unfortunately, MultiVersus is unavailable for gaming when turned offline. This is the same with all playable platforms of the game. Certainly, the fighting game requires an online connection to be played. However, if you encounter being on offline mode in the game, you may want to check this out still.

  • The offline mode occurrences happen when the game detects or assumes that you are below the age of 18 years old. MultiVersus prevents minors to purchase in-app items, credited to their parents’ cards. Also, this is to prevent online interactions where things may be dangerous for minors.

    MultiVersus characters
    Screengrab Image Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube
  • If you’re using a console, you can turn off the offline mode right away, just follow this single step. Change the age of the profile to 18+ or select a profile with an age of 18 and above.
  • Although, if you’re using a PC, this may be quite complicated, just follow these steps.  Firstly, type %appdata% into the search bar, then click AppData. Then go over to Local, and click MultiVersus afterward. From there, you can open the Saved folder to delete the entire SaveGames folder. You may want to launch the MultiVersus game and input your/an age which is 18 and above.

MultiVersus modes to play

We may have to wait for further announcements from the developers if they are to release an offline mode for MultiVersus. However, the game offers numerous modes to play as of now, so you may also want to consider checking it out!

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  • The main design of the fighting game is a 2v2 co-op game. Have your characters ready for an intense fight with the 1v1 match too. MultiVersus offline mode may not be available as of now, but the game has so much more to offer.
  • Additionally, you can play in a 4-player Free For All match. So grab your friends and be competitive to defeat all of them using your favorite TV show character!

    MultiVersus modes
    Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • Importantly, if you feel like being competitive for a day, you can play the Ranked Competitive to test your skills and battle it out with other brawlers.
  • Lastly, you can play with your friends via Local Play or create your Lobby in MultiVersus. We have a step-by-step guide to help you challenge your circle of friends in a match of fun and intensity in MultiVersus!

We do hope that MultiVersus may soon expand its platform to an offline mode!

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SOURCE: MultiVersus, MultiVersus YouTube