Capcom Aims To Release 3-4 Major Titles Every Year

The annual reports for Capcom’s FY18 are out and it seems like Capcom is planning to release approximately 3-4 titles annually. The company will extend the sales life of these titles with additional content and pricing strategies and strengthen their presence overseas, capturing approximately 85% of the total market.

Capcom has made three distinctive categories for their future games – Stable Releases of Core IP (New Releases/Stable Releases), Utilising Past Titles (Remakes) and Reawakening Dormant IPs.

This image shows the clear categorisation of their recently announced games.Capcom Annual Reports FY18

Additionally, Capcom will focus on expanding the world of the Monster Hunter series and life sales of catalogue titles by releasing them for current-gen hardware.

Capcom is considering their “New IPs” strategy as a growth driver for their annual revenue. The company will be expanding its presence in mobile devices and the overall esports segment.

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