Capcom Discusses Dino Crisis Remake, But In An Unusual Way

Dino Crisis

One of Capcom’s best survival horrors after the Resident Evil series is surely Dino Crisis. Old-school gamers, unlike me, must remember roaming around the jungles of Ibis Island and surviving the deadly square-pixel dinosaurs that were still the best of models of the time. And after a remake of their hit Resident Evil 2, Dino Crisis seems like a great option to jump right in.

In an interview with Metro, Resident Evil 2 Remake Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and Director Kazunori Kadoi hinted on a possible development of a Dino Crisis remake. While the interview mostly discussed Resident Evil II Remake, Kanda ended the interview with a possible note.

Metro asked, “Finally, the obvious question now that this is all going so well is how far will you go? If you’ve remade Resident Evil 2 do you remake Resident Evil 3 and so on afterwards? And *coughs* Dino Crisis?”, to which, both Kanda and Kadoi shared a laugh.

Tsuyoshi Kanda then assured the panel that for the moment they’re fully focused on Resident Evil 2’s remake, let other things aside. He said, “But as a company, we’ve always had a direction of using our legacy, and our existing masterpieces, and trying to find ways to utilise those assets that we have to bring in new players, who never discovered our games before. And that aspect of Capcom as a company is always going to be one of our strong directions.”

Whether or not we see a Dino Crisis remake announced anytime soon, it’s interesting to have the doors open for broad speculations and predictions.

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3 thoughts on “Capcom Discusses Dino Crisis Remake, But In An Unusual Way”

  1. Hold on, CAP, it’s alright. This time I’ll allow you tell me what I should buy and how many times for you to let me buy this !

  2. 🙂 I made the image they’re using! I’m glad you guys liked it. I really hope Capcom comes around and gives us a proper remake of the original.

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