‘Cat in blender’ man attacked | Is he the same person from the viral video?

After the cat in a blender video became popular online, people have been trying to find the person responsible. A new video shows a group of people attacking a man on the street. There are rumors that the man attacked is the same person who put the cat in the blender. The mob seems to have attacked him in the video because of this reason, according to netizens.

Many reports suggested that the viral video happened in China, and the man involved was a Chinese influencer named Xu Zhihui, known for his food blogging and vlogging on platforms like Weibo. However, the news reports have been unclear so far. It’s still uncertain if the person attacked in the new video is actually the cat in blender culprit.

Alleged ‘cat in blender’ video culprit attacked

The supposed video showing the public attack on the person behind the ‘cat in blender’ incident has received much attention and scrutiny on platforms like Reddit. People have different opinions about the video. Some feel satisfied, thinking justice has been served, while others doubt the video is real.

Man in the netherlands gets beaten for putting a living cat in a blender!
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What’s interesting is that the people in the video seem to be speaking Dutch. This differs from the earlier reports that said the incident happened in China and involved Chinese or Mandarin speakers. This debunks the idea that the attacked man in the video is the alleged Chinese culprit, Zhihui.

Further investigation revealed that the fight in the video occurred earlier this year, maybe in January. Although the video may not be considered reliable, it shows that many people are actively involved in trying to find and catch the person responsible for the cat in blender incident.

The original disturbing video of a cat in a blender

The circulation of the disturbing cat blender video on Twitter has sparked outrage and shock among users for almost a week now. The video shows a cat being put in a blender, causing many to express their horror and discourage further sharing of the clip. 

TikTok users have joined forces to uncover the video’s origin and identify the person responsible, intending to report them to authorities. The graphic content of the video has deeply affected people, leading authorities to launch investigations to determine its source. 

Who is the person behind the viral Cat in blender Twitter video - Cover
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As the video spread, it inspired memes and posts expressing anger and sadness. Some users even made memes about what they would do to the perpetrator if they encountered them in real life. 

Will there be more cat abuse incidents?

The cat in blender incident has sparked discussions about animal cruelty and the need for stricter animal protection laws. It also raises concerns about the potential for copycat acts and triggering traumatic memories. 

A group of animal abusers in China even threatened to harm more cats by putting them in blenders. This came after the arrest of the influencer Xu, rumored to be responsible for the viral video. The news of a possible live stream event, where multiple abusers would torture cats in blenders until death, was shared on Reddit.

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