CD Projekt Red New Witcher Game Teased; A New Saga Begins
Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has officially announced that they’re working on a new Witcher game. The tagline says – A New Saga Begins.

The teaser image shows a medallion, but unlike Geralt’s, this isn’t a Wolf medallion. Users on Reddit speculate it could either be a Lynx or a Jackal medallion. Some say it could be redesigned Cat medallion as well.

CD Projekt Red is teaming up with Epic Games and they’ll develop the new Witcher game with Unreal Engine 5 and not their proprietary REDengine. The former says it is part of their multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games.

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The announcement feels more like an Epic Games promotion and you can read quotes from both the companies in the official announcement post. So, CD Projekt Red is partnering up with Epic Games. Does this mean the new Witcher game will be available on PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store?

Well, not as of now. Witcher’s official Twitter has confirmed that they “are not planning on making the game exclusive to one storefront.” Let’s see if they keep their promise.

If you ask me, I still think this is a very early announcement and we won’t see the new Witcher coming out anytime soon. We don’t have any information regarding the game’s development timeframe and there’s no release date yet. Regardless, if there’s any update, we’ll inform you here at Spiel Times.

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The new Witcher won’t be an addition to the Geralt story and it’ll be new chapter altogether. I loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and I can’t wait to check out what CDPR is cooking for us with their new game.

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