Mobile Legends Pro Player Ch4knu gets exposed online for “grooming” | Scandal explained


Professional Esports player Ch4knu is in huge trouble after his “thirsty” messages to a then minor gets exposed online. Furthermore, this fuels the previous issue he had with ex-girlfriend and cheating allegations surrounding it. The former Mobile Legends Southeast Asia champion is currently facing public demolition following his lewd and scandalous act. Ch4knu has been trending since the revelation and he is definitely not in a good place.

Earlier this year, Ch4knu and then-girlfriend Yskaela, another MLBB pro player reportedly split

Ch4knu and rumored girlfriend Yskaela Fujimoto both played for professional Esports team Smart Omega. However, the two reportedly parted ways after almost a year of dating.

Ch4knu’s fans bashed Yskaela, implying that the female streamer only used the Mobile Legends star for his fame. However, Ch4knu would defend her former partner in Twitter by saying that the real reason why they broken up is because “he did something wrong”. This would later on make complete sense (read more below).

Yskaela has been quiet about the issue, but teased the netizens. But, she would give us a hint on how the relationship went sour on her TikTok, which has been removed now.

Ch4knu issue 2

Just recently, Ch4knu is trending online after he got exposed by a woman on social media

Everything would take a darker turn after a young female exposes Ch4knu’s malicious acts on social media. A woman named Alexa Rheinhardt took to TikTok and Facebook to reveal that Ch4knu also known as Joshua Mangilog groomed her when she was just 16 years old.

“TW:Gro0ming ‼️

My video got reported sa tiktok, ayaw ko na sana i bring up yung topic since 2021 pa then yung realization after having a conversation with ate Yskaela gave me confidence to voice this out. 16 years old lang ako that time and he’s asking me things like that plus he asked me to have a day with him at Tagaytay, I thought it will be at skyranch since uso yon before, then nagulat ako nung nagsabi siya na we’re going to have seggs sa Tagaytay. After that he said that “Wag ka mag alala ipapa grab naman kita pauwi”. I tried to post him before pero without name and alam ko na aware siya kasi he unfollowed me sa lahat ng socials niya.”

Ch4knu issue 3
Alexa Rheinhardt’s post (via Facebook)

Alexa explained that Ch4knu has been requesting nudes and explicit photos from her back in 2021. Even more, the Omega Esports Roamer asked if they could have s*x. Take note that at the time, Alexa was still a minor. This has already received mixed reactions from netizens. But, most of it are hate comments towards Ch4knu and his inappropriate actions. So far, Ch4knu hasn’t commented on the issue.

Ch4knu issue 1

Ch4knu issue 4
Courtesy of Alexa Rheinhardt (via Facebook)
Ch4knu issue 5
Courtesy of Al
exa Rheinhardt (via Facebook)

Who is Ch4knu?

Ch4knu or Joshua Garcia Mangilog in real life, is a Filipino professional Esports player in the popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends. Born in August 2001, the 21-year-old star currently plays for Smart Omega Esports team as a roamer/setter/tanker. He has been in numerous international tournments, which includes a 1st place win in the 2021 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. He was also a former member of Execration from 2019 until 2021. Currently, Ch4knu is listed as inactive in Omega Esports roster.

For years, Ch4knu has been one of the most iconic and sensational Mobile Legends pro players in the country. He has scored tons of fans as well as endorsements. However, his career seems to on a downward spiral following his latest online scandal. He and his management hasn’t made any statement yet about the matter.

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