From the creator, Tatsuki Fujimoto sensei, comes the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award holder series, Chainsaw Man. This blood-grunge horror action follows the story of Denji who merges with a devil called Pochita and finds unique abilities that allow him to hunt devils in a world where human fear gives birth to such oddities.

The Manga recently made a comeback after a hiatus of two years introducing the second arc, Academy Saga. With an anime series by Mappa (and is the fan nomination to be the greatest anime of 2022) and the manga continuing with part 2 of its story, let us revisit Tatsuki Fujimoto’s workstyle and things transpiring in the manga.

The Manga and Where To Read It

Chainsaw Man Manga

As of August, the manga has over 15 million copies in circulation. Shueisha’s weekly shonen magazine Shonen Jump serialized the first part named Public Safety arc. Viz Media also publishes the Shounen Jump magazine in English in North America.

At the onset, Viz Media released the first three chapters in English translation at the same time as its Japanese release. Later in 2020, Viz Media published the volume in English under the Shounen Jump Imprint while the English digital publication happened on Manga Plus Platform.

Chainsaw Man Manga
Manga 81

The first part ran for the course of 2018-2020, where it went on a hiatus to return in 2022. Again in August 2022, it took a short break before beginning again on 16 August. There has been an internet sensation with its return, and Tatsuki Fujimoto has done well to maintain the fanbase

Where to Read It

Chainsaw Man comes out every Tuesday at 9:00 am ET/8:00 am PT/ 10:00 am CT and can be read in the Shounen Jump app or in Manga plus. English translations are readily available while translations to other languages usually take time. Also, chapters 101,102, and 103 are completely free!

  1. Click here to read Chainsaw Man Manga in Shueisha’s Manga Plus
  2. Click here to read Chainsaw Man Manga in Viz Media’s Shounen Jump

What’s Going On In The Second Part

Chainsaw Man Manga Denji
Denji’s return in part 2

The second part introduces our new protagonist, Asa Mitaka. The first few chapters may sadden the otherwise very concerned fans of Denji, as he makes a return only very lately. The story of this new heroine sets her up as the War Devil named “Yoru” after she is killed and has to revive herself from oblivion.

Asa and Yoru then join their school devil hunter club, in hopes of reaching and locating Denji, the Chainsaw Man. Yoru however plans on retrieving the Nuclear Weapons devil from Pochita, Denji’s merged devil as it has a grudge against the devil-eating devil.

The Mangaka

  • Fujimoto Sensei has mentioned that the works of multiple creators inspire his work. He described his attempt at Chainsaw Man as a trial on creating an evil FLCL. Primary to Chainsaw Man, Fujimoto sensei mainly dropped multiple one-shot mangas, until he had his first serialized work – Fire Punch.
  • Fire Punch was serialized starting in 2016 and told the story of a boy who’s set on eternal fire. The fire burns his body, and his body regenerates due to having the blessing of regeneration.
  • Fire Punch was a brutal manga, utilizing dark themes and gut-wrenching gore. From snapping heads, deformed organs, blazed human flesh, and cannibalism, the story was by no means for the weak of the heart to digest.
  • This is relevant because after Fire Punch ended in 2018, Fujimoto worked on his new story Chainsaw Man, which is known for following similar gore and violent scenes. One may even see Chainsaw Man Manga as a more refined brother to Fire Punch.

Also, our deranged gore-loving creator seems to have turned Twitter into his alter ego’s flower garden and has a fun time roleplaying as a younger sister in third grade.


The Chainsaw Man Manga is a hit as hits get with the fan favorite Mappa animating the series. This slash and burn gore action horror anime is expected to cream out similar reactions as the Manga it has adapted. Where do you think the clash between the War Devil and Pochita leads the main casts into as Denji has finally made an appearance in part 2?

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