Changes For PvP And Local Fights In Pokémon Go

At the end of last year, the PvP combat system was added by popular demand of the Pokémon GO community. Despite being a highly requested and appreciated addition, it has become increasingly monotonous. In fact, to fight against another player, simply touch the screen repeatedly until the special move is loaded. Once the bar is loaded, you touch a button on the screen, then touch it as quickly as possible to make the move more powerful and launch. Then it starts again.

Apparently, all these tap-taps are boring the community that loudly require some slightly more dynamic news.

This afternoon, Niantic announced that things are changing. Through a tweet released on their account and which you will find below, we will notice that the basic mechanics of the combat system will remain the same. But, the attacks of the special move will now not concern both the speed of typing, but rather the precision of swiping.

Once you have accumulated the useful charge for the special move, you will have to slide your finger on a trail of icons that will fall on the screen (the style is very similar to the famous Fruit Ninja mobile game). The more we collect before time runs out, the more powerful the attack will be. Each Pokémon will have a different trail, depending on the type: water, grass, wrestling, earth, etc.

In addition to this change in PvP combat, as you will surely notice in the tweeted video above, there will also be a review of the Pokémon rating system that will help you better understand the unique statics of your Pokémon.

What do you think of these changes in Pokémon GO? How long will you think, before you get bored again?