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Charlie Puth and Jungkook of BTS’s new single has dropped its music video teaser. The fans must be feeling excited left and right! 

Even if BTS have recently announced their group hiatus with no definite time frame, all members are now finding their rhythm as they focus on their solo careers.

And now the latest member of BTS to have a single release for his solo career is Jungkook with his collaboration with the Grammy-nominated American singer, Charlie Puth.

The anticipated collaboration single titled “Left and Right” by Charlie and Jungkook has released in their music video teaser yesterday. In less than 24 hours, the music video teaser has already over 2.5 million views on Twitter alone.

In the music video teaser, it looks playful and sounds like a bob already with Charlie and Jungkook’s charm all over it. The fans can’t wait!

Their single “Left and Right” music video is set to drop today at 1 P.M (KST)/12 A.M (ET) on YouTube and all other music platforms worldwide.

A quick recap about Charlie Puth and BTS history

Charlie Puth and BTS first interacted with each other on Twitter way back in 2017.

This isn’t also the first time that Charlie and Jungkook have worked together in music. After their interaction in 2017, it lead them to have a collaboration stage in 2018 for the first time ever.

Back in 2018, Charlie and BTS had a collaboration for a special performance stage at the MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards in South Korea.

You can watch their performance in MBC Plus x Genie Music Award (2018) below.

Ever since then, Charlie and the members of BTS have been bonding from to time. There’s no wonder the good chemistry between Charlie and Jungkook in their upcoming single.

Charlie Puth’s having a new album coming soon

You read it right! Charlie Puth has a new album and is reportedly set to drop later this year. The new album is going to be his third studio album along with Nine Track Mind (2016) and Voicenotes (2018).

The single “Left and Right” with Jungkook is most likely to be a part of his new album. So stay tuned to his official social media accounts for further details.

But for now, enjoy their new single “Left and Right” out today.

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