Check Out All Of God Of War’s Hilarious Bugs And Glitches In One Montage

God of War Glitch

God of War retold the story of Kratos, now with a son, he must guide and great responsibilities on his back. The game was very well received by the critics and almost every individual that sat through the entire 25-30 hours of the main story. But, video games are a medium of entertainment and art, and as I’ve mentioned it before, art is never perfect.

God of War, like most, or to be fair, all games, had some hilarious bugs and glitches that made players laugh, grin and enjoy the moments with utmost satisfaction. PlayStation Europe did a great job collecting all the shreds of such bugs and glitches, both pre-release and post-release and compiled them in a three-minute video, which would surely make you go, “That’s absolutely crazy!”.

The video presents some of the most ridiculous glitches in God of War. One of the most comical ones is when Kratos keeps spinning on the ground when killed.

During my playthrough, I didn’t encounter any of the glitches and now, I’m sad. I could have easily sat through those glitches and had great laughs along with my friends.

Nevertheless, God of War is an epic tale of love, honesty, dedication and hardship, that will always remain in the deepest of my heart.

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