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We all know that boxing is a very dangerous sport. It requires strength, power, endurance, great skill, as well as being a good sportsman. In an official international match between Xuan Wu (Chinese) and Sho Kimura (Japanese), something very unexpected happened.

Everything was going smooth between the two fighters when suddenly Wu grabbed Kimura by the leg and body-slammed the Japanese boxer face down to the floor.  It was an extremely surprising attack and was not like anything we have ever seen before.

Xuan Wu Slamming Sho Kimura, Photo Courtesy of The Cold Samura (via YouTube)

Xuan Wu was later disqualified due to his unsportsmanlike conduct while also putting his opponent’s life in danger. As a result, boxing fans are infuriated and disgusted with what Wu did to Kimura. It could have led to a gruesome injury or even the death of the Japanese fighter.

Wu later addressed his actions but without even single remorse, saying:

“Do you still need rules for China to fight Japan? I can’t sleep if he doesn’t die! It seems that there are still many Chinese traitors supporting Japs. This is China, forever China.”

Rumors were also spreading that the exhibition match was supposed to be “Japanese Boxing versus Chinese Kung Fu”. Not only did the Chinese change the rules, they only changed them after the incident had already happened. Sho Kimura stated that he was not aware of the change of rules and said it was never part of the contract.

  • Sho Kimura is a Japanese professional boxer who held the WBO title from 2017 until 2018. He has been boxing in the court for quite some time now but has not capitalized on the biggest of stages internationally.
  • Xuan Wu, on the other hand, was more of a “nobody”. This infamous Chinese web celebrity fighter and social media influencer are nowhere near close to a professional boxer.

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