Those who have sought to obtain new gaming hardware, such as a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, or who have been looking to replace their PCs with recent hardware will be familiar with the difficulty of obtaining consoles or general technology. This shortage does not appear to be easing, as Nvidia and AMD prices have recently risen in countries like Europe.

Nobody knows when the market will start to look better again, but Intel appears to be confident that customers will have to twiddle their collective thumbs for a little longer.

Chip Shortages

According to a recent article citing an interview with Nikkei Asia, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger does not anticipate the situation to improve until 2023, claiming that product demand is continuing to climb despite the ongoing global epidemic. With the latest Omicron variant already hitting a number of countries, it appears that issues will persist for some time as more people become separated and supplies become increasingly difficult to obtain.

  • This echoes what Gelsinger said regarding the semiconductor shortage not long ago. This time, the increase in COVID-19 cases due to the latest outbreak could be what keeps the tech scarcity going. Intel expects the shortage will last until 2023 in both scenarios.
Screengrab Courtesy of The Verge
  • If accurate, this implies people in the market for a new GPU or gaming console would have to wait. This is likely bad news for tech companies promoting their latest goods, as well as consumers who are unable to obtain any of them.

2022 Restrictions

  • Intel is poised to release its Arc GPUs into a volatile market. There’s no way of knowing what availability will be like after “Alchemist” hits stores in Q2 of next year. Based on what Gelsinger has said, there’s a risk that supply won’t be able to keep up with demand.
  • Many game creators had their games delayed earlier this year due to COVID. The new variant is isolating people again and driving governments to impose more restrictions. It’s difficult to say how companies will be able to get new products into the hands of consumers starting 2022. It appears that many will remain without for at least another year.

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