Korean football player Cho Gue-sung
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Cho Gue-sung has made his presence known in the field and outside of it. He become one of the most talked about players of the FIFA Worldcup 2022. There are many edits of him circulating on social networking sites such as TikTok and Instagram. But charming looks aren’t the only asset of number 9.

Cho Gue-Sung

You must have heard about the heart-stealer footballer number 9 of Korea unless you are part of the secluded side of the internet. Cho Gue-sung is the frontman player of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and his charms couldn’t be contained on the field. He has taken over the screens of people across the globe in the last few weeks. Cho Gue-sung’s Instagram has reached 2.6 Million followers from 20,000 and he has been roped up into dating rumors with models and Idols.

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Yet there is a lot more than good looks as assets for number 09. Cho Gue-sung started his career as a defensive midfielder at Gwanju University but later changed to a striker. After that being the 3rd highest scorer he entered the Korean League second division, FC Anyang. He then proceeded to join Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in September 2022 as the top scorer of K-League 1.

Moving to FIFA 2022, Cho Gue-sung becomes the top scorer of his team. Thanks to this even though Korea couldn’t pass round 16 against Brazil, they were welcomed to their country with open arms. Unlike last time when the players had to save themselves from eggs thrown by disappointed fans.

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Celtic Transfer

As the transfer season is coming closer in January rumors are flying around about Celtic showing interest in Cho Gue-sung. The rumor doesn’t seem to be baseless as the Celtic have experience with Asian players. And the doubts circulating about the Greek player Giorgos Giakoumakis are fueling the fire.

When prompted about the future with Celtic, Cho Gue-sung showed a willing mind by saying “I haven’t heard (from Celtic) but as a player, I naturally have a dream to go out on the world stage and face world-class players. I want to go anywhere where I can improve my skills and grow, “. Cho Gue-sung’s father has also given a nod to this statement in recent interviews.

Public Appearances

We shall know the final decisions about the transfer from Cho Gue-sung and the Celtics in the coming future. As of now, number 09 is confirmed to appear in an open interview with News A. He shall be sharing inside stories of the Portugal match and Ronaldo. Addressing his resemblance with FIFA 2002’s Ahn Jung-hwan in terms of position, looks, and performance. And lastly the story of his journey from a player who used to be on the bench so much that he considered starting preparing for the civil service examination to a promising national player.

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The interview shall be broadcasted in the last segment of 7 PM News A open interview on December 10, 2022. While the shooting and broadcasting dates of ‘You quiz on the block’ is not yet decided.

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Source: Naver, Korea Now
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