Choo-Choo Charles: How to upgrade Armor?

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For those of you just getting on the Choo-Choo Charles hype train (pun intended), you may have difficulty learning how to upgrade your armor. Because of that, we’ve come up with this guide to help you stop the demonic spider train plaguing the island in one of the trending horror games now. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade your train’s armor in Choo-Choo Charles!

In Choo-Choo Charles, players cannot physically combat the cultists or Charles throughout the game. The only way to fight against them is by using the old train you receive a few moments after arriving on the island. During this part, you’ll learn more about the island’s history, including the demonic spider terrorizing the island dwellers.

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Since it is an open-world game, you will have trouble exploring every inch of the island on foot. This means that your train also serves as your means of travel in Choo-Choo Charles. However, your main goal is to upgrade your train – weapons, armors, etc. – in order to defeat Charles, the demonic spider train.

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You can upgrade your train with the use of Scraps. You earn Scraps in the game by completing missions and side quests for the locals. Another way to collect Scraps is by picking them up if you encounter them on your adventures. Once you have enough of these Scraps, you can now start upgrading your Train, including its armor.

Upgrading your defenses

Now that you know your train is the only way to defeat Charles and the cultists, how exactly do you upgrade your Armor? As we mentioned, you can earn Scraps by completing missions for the locals in Choo-Choo Charles.

Blueprint Table
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  • Once you earn a certain amount of Scraps, you can return to your train. From there, make your way to the Blueprint Table and navigate to where you can start upgrading your train’s Armor.
  • Upgrading your Armor means your locomotive will have more health to sustain Charles’ deadly blows every time he chases you around the island. This is important, especially if you want to survive every encounter you have with him.
  • Although it is helpful if you upgrade your Armor, we don’t recommend it to be your priority. Scraps are a bit difficult to come by in Choo-Choo Charles, so you have to ensure that your upgrades are worth it.
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  • According to most players, the best upgrades you can prioritize in Choo-Choo Charles are the weapons, train speed, and overall damage output. Make sure to weight out all your options before spending your Scraps, as repairing your train in the game will also cost you a good amount of Scraps.

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