Christian Bale's New Movie The church of living dangerously
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After Marvel, Christian Bale is ready to rule the box office in 2023 with a new movie, The Church of Living Dangerously along with Charles Randolph.

The church of living dangerously by Charles Randolph
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The Church of Living Dangerously

After wrapping the year 2022 with Thor: Love and War, Amsterdam, and The Pale Blue Eye, Christian Bale is ready to hit the box office in 2023. The star signed for Charles Randolph’s The Church of Living Dangerously in 2021.

  • The Oscar-winning duo will work together on this project after the successful film The Big Short released in 2015. According to Slash Films, Christian Bale will play the role of John Lee Bishop of Living Hope Church. The film is a Charles Randolph adaption of David Kushner‘s article published in Vanity Fair.
Christian Bale's new movie The church of living dangerously and marvel
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Further Details of Bale’s New Movie

The film will follow the life story of Pastor John Lee Bishop which can challenge any fictional tale. It is a story of facing a difficult childhood to becoming the pastor of Portland’s Megachurch. The Bishop was a popular preacher that attracted wealth but unfortunately developed an addiction to alcohol and painkillers.

  • Later, his son David developed a dependence on meth and heroin, therefore, to understand and help his son Bishop started to intake the drugs as well. Furthering the fiasco, he was caught red-handed while smuggling drugs for a Mexican Cartel and spent 5 years in prison.


  • New Regency production owns the life rights of Pastor John Lee Bishop and his son, therefore they will produce the film while Randolph and Kushner will work on the script. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, and Eric Robinson of The Gotham Group will also be joining the project as producers.
  • New Regency hasn’t announced the release date yet for The Church of Living Dangerously since the first announcement in 2021. However, it is rumored to be Christian Bale’s new movie after The Pale Blue Eye.
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Christian Bale Return to Marvel Universe?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christian Bale expressed his willingness to do another Marvel movie. He is simply waiting for a good character and a good director. However, he will have no choice if his kids don’t allow him to not do it. This was the same reason why he joined the movie Thor: Love and Thunder as Gorr The God Butcher.

  • Fans would love to see him as part of the Marvel Universe in any role. Even when Thor: Love and Thunder had a bumpy run at the box office, people unarguably praised Christian Bale’s performance. Due to the premise of the film, Bale wouldn’t be able to return as Gorr but he can challenge himself to another role in MCU.
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  • According to fans, it will be easy to cast him as the actor was covered in prosthetics while playing Gorr. What more encouragement is needed to bring this favorite actor back? Although, it is a mystery which character should Bale play as he is known to play prestigious characters like Batman for Marvel’s rival DC. However, the actor has cleared that he shall only return as Batman under Christopher Nolan’s direction.
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Only time will tell when and whether the audience get to see Christian Bale as a drug smuggling pastor and as a comic book character of Marvel. However, the audience will surely cheer on all of his new endeavors.

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