Civilization 6

Why is Peter the Great famous? Because of his Tour of Europe in the age of the enlightenment.

Civilization 6’s First Look series has been a wide success to introduce the game to newcomers. As a kid, I tried Civilization 3 & 4 but my experience isn’t something to be proud of. However, 2K Games is doing a pretty good job with their ‘First Look’ initiative helping new Civ-Players understand the game and get familiar with it. I might as well try out Civilization 6 too. (until it confuses me and.. uninstalled)

The latest Civilization 6 First Look video introduces Peter The Great who shall lead Russia in the game. Peter The Great was…. ah, (no clue) a Russian of course. As narrated, Russia’s special ability gives the Civ extra territory when they find their cities. They also get extra faith and production from Tundra Tiles.

The video introduces Russian’s unique cavalry unit ‘Cossack’. This unit is fast, strong and can move after attacking. Russia’s unique district is the Lavra. Peter’s ability is the Grand Embassy. Russia receives science or culture from trade routes to more advanced Civs.

Now we all know Russia’s culture. They can be the perfect landlords, expanding their lands and territories. Russia is a civ built to expand and take territory. Watch the video attached to know more about Peter, the Russian (Great).