Civilization VI: Details of all six new DLCs

It’s not surprising to see DLCs and added an update to games that are over five years old nowadays. Games like Civilization VI are the current pinnacles of their respective genres, only likely to be replaced by the next iteration. Firaxis Games recently announced six new DLC packs they will release successively until March 2023.

What are the New Civilization VI DLCs?

Each DLC will introduce three new Leaders to the game, totaling 12. There will also be a total of six new existing leader variations. Anyone who purchased the Leader Pass or the Civilization Anthology can expect the new DLC to be included in their game as they release. Here’s the information about each pack.

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Great Negotiators

  • Arabia – Sultan Saladin
  • Kongo – Queen Mbande Nzinga
  • United States – Abraham Lincoln

Great Commanders

  • Japan – Tokugawa
  • Ottoman Empire – Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Persia – Nader Shah

Rulers of China

  • Qin Shi Huang the Unifier
  • Wu Zetian
  • Yongle

Rulers of Sahara

  • Egypt – Ptolemaic Cleopatra
  • Egypt – Ramses
  • Mali – King Sundiata Keita

Great Builders

  • Byzantines – Theodora
  • Germany – Ludwig II
  • Korea – Sejong

Rulers of England

  • England – Elizabeth I
  • England – Victoria (Age of Steam)
  • Norway – Varangian Harald Hardrada

The addition of the new leaders will shakeup gameplay. With the variety of leaders available for each game, one can also expect surprising strategies from them. Firaxis also mentioned that some have new agendas that will change how you play.

The Great Negotiators pack will to release on November 21 for the PC and mobile versions. There is no word yet if the DLCs will be available for the console editions of the game. We’ll also know more information about the release date of other packs in the coming weeks.

Civilization VI is Not the Only Firaxis Project

One of the qualities of Firaxis games is their timelessness. You can still load up a game of XCom 2, Pirates, or Civilization and stay hooked for hours. They’re known to periodically release DLC content for their games, though the recent focus has been on Civilization.

Their upcoming game, Midnight Suns, looks to stray from their usual style by tackling the popular Marvel franchise. Players are both excited because of Firaxis’ quality development and skeptical if it will be a successful Marvel project. A separate team from Civilization is developing Midnight Suns, which is moving closer to its release date on December 2.

In the game, players will take on the role of an original character thrust into war with demonic forces and an elder god. They must recruit and use various Marvel superheroes to stop their plans. Unlike the XCOM series, there will be no permadeath in Midnight Suns. It will also introduce a brand new card system that hopes to make combat more dynamic.

Midnight Suns is one of the most ambitious Marvel projects to date. It will include beloved characters from the comics, with names such as Ghost Rider and Scarlet Witch.

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