Yes. SuperCell staff has made it known on their official forums recently. 4 hours before writing this, to be precise.

Clan challenges will let you challenge clans, like your sister clan or a friend’s clan you’ve always kept bookmarked. If they accept your challenge – the war begins. This war would be different, as you can personally customize the Preparation and Battle Day durations.

This is good. Not all of us would like to sit through a full day war just to practice now, would we?

Once you’ve made these durations and sent the challenge, it’s up to the other clan whether to accept it or not. If it does, the war preparation begins for the said amount of time.

You can’t engage in Clan Challenges if you’re already in war – which means this war system is full-fledged and will probably have real benefits. It’s not a friendly challenge. Your troops will die. Maybe you’ll earn loot or clan XP (would be amazing if that’s true – I got my new clan to level up real fast).


The reaction to this announcement was quick and loud. People are loving it.

When will it hit? Well now that’s a question a lot of you want to ask. It’s not decided yet. Perhaps not the new update. They’re “working on it.” Bad sign. Perhaps they wanted to get a bit of reaction first and they’re already halfway through and we’re getting it in the next update? Very good then.

Either way, the development is fascinating for Clash of Clans lovers.

Now, here’s the catch.

Esports Boost

Clash of Clans (and other mobile platform games) are starting to cash in on tournaments. eSports are hugely successful for PC games, and now mobiles are following suit. I recently had to do some research on this, and the conclusion was that multiplayer games are actively pursuing eSporting aims. Basically, Clan Challenge is all about taking CoC one step closer to that situation where holding tournaments will become much easier.

This feature will be a huge boost for holding tournaments.
This feature will be a huge boost for holding tournaments.

Check the announcement here: Something we are working on! God, this post already has 33 pages with 10 replies each (the last one has 5 only).