Clash of Clans: Autumn Update + Balance Changes

Clash of Clans Update and Balance Changes

Hey chief, Clash of Clans is about to bring some brand-new changes to your village. Supercell recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans in August 2021. Since then, things have been a bit dim but now the Halloween Update is nearby! All fans know that it’s the most significant update of the game and brings a lot of delights every year. But before Halloween celebrations kick in, some major balance changes will be added to the game.

The Announcement

Supercell took to Clash of Clans’ Twitter handle to make the announcement minutes ago. The exact time of the maintenance break hasn’t been announced yet as they usually tweet it minutes before. But what we do know is that it will happen over the course next couple of days itself.

“Over the next couple of days, we’ve got a few things we’d like to introduce that will be released in the Autumn update. Today’s sneak peek is about the upcoming balance changes, bug fixes, and new levels for Troops and Defences,” wrote Supercell in their blog.

Also, in the tweet, they mentioned it as Autumn Update Part 1, so there is a lot more coming up. Autumn is literally the most amazing time for Clash of Clans fans as a bucket load of updates is introduced for everyone. This bunch of changes though only affects the higher townhall level players. So, let’s dive straight into it.


TH14 maxed out players who were sitting idle with nothing to spend their loot on, can rejoice as new updates are here. These include new levels for lethal defenses and your favorite troops. Unfortunately, there is no news for any new addition as of now. Following are the defense updates you can now perform:

  • Xbox Level 9 for 18.5 million Gold and will take 19 days to upgrade (200 DPS, 4500 HP)
  • Mortar Level 14 for 17.5 million Gold and will take 18 days to upgrade (48 DPS, 1250 HP)
  • 50x more Wall segments can be unlocked for TH 14 players to upgrade to level 15.

Following are the troop updates you can now perform and fire up the Lab once again:

  • Miners Level 8 for 17.5 million Elixir and will take 17 days to upgrade (136 DPS, 1100 HP)
  • Yeti Level 4 for 18 million Elixir and will take 18 days to upgrade (290 DPS, 3700 HP)
  • Hog Rider Level 11 for 320K Dark Elixirs and will take 17 days to upgrade (187 DPS, 1080 HP)
  • Golem Level 11 for 320K Dark Elixirs and will take 17 days to upgrade (85/850 DPS, 8400 HP)
  • Bowler Level 6 for 320K Dark Elixirs and will take 17 days 12 hours to upgrade (102 DPS, 500 HP)

Balance Changes

The last set of balance changes that were introduced were at the beginning of August and you can read about them here. Balance changes are often done in a game to buff up some characters or machinery and reduce the others. Well, it seems like these balance changes were done to dial down some high-level troops. The upcoming balance changes can be found below:

  • Inferno Dragon’s beam attack speed is now reduced by 0.2 seconds, so it’ll take longer to reach its max damage.
  • Dragon Rider’s range is reduced by 0.5 tiles, so it’ll have to move closer to its target for attacking
  • Mighty Yak’s attack splash damage is now completely removed.

Bug Fixes

Clash of Clans
Courtesy of Supercell

Bug fixes are a very important part of any game and just like most games, COC is also not free of glitches. Following are the bug fixes made:

  • Builders will no longer get stuck in Walls when defending against any attack.
  • A bug that causing failure to save a Village in edit mode will be fixed. Also, locked buildings won’t be removed anymore when using the Remove All tool.
  • Wars with more than the desired number of participants won’t be possible anymore

This is all from part 1 of the Autumn update for Clash of Clans. Be rest assured that loads of more information and updates will follow for a few weeks now. All eyes are fixated on the Halloween update which will probably arrive by the second week of October. Till then, it’s time to make the most of these updates and changes.

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