Clash of Clans: Christmas Update, Obstacles, Cost Cuts, New Troops and More!

Hey Chief, Clash of Clans is here to stay! Just when you think COC might die soon or is getting boring, Supercell comes up with amazing new stuff and cost cuts. The game still has one of the biggest active userbases in mobile gaming and is still one of the most trending games in the world. After October’s Halloween update, this is the biggest update and possibly the last one for the year. So, without ado, let’s dive straight into what all it brings along.

New Obstacles

While some players wait eagerly for new troops or upgrades, some wait impatiently for new obstacles. Though they might be termed obstacles, they add to the beauty of the village, and most players farm obstacles and decorations. The Christmas season covers all the villages’ obstacles in snow and brings in a new obstacle every year in the form of an X-mas tree.

This year’s X-Mas tree is a bomb and by far the most creative of all. Unlike most X-Mas Trees which are normal trees with decorations or snow on them, this one is made of presents. Boxes of red and green presents are piling up in the shape of X-Mas Tree looks eye-pleasing and epic. You can also choose to remove it for 25,000 Gold and you will receive 75,000 Gold in return.

New Super Troop

Dragon is often considered the most OP troop in Clash of Clans even in its regular form. Now imagine the same dragon’s super version and how it can totally wreck the opponent’s base! Super Dragon is much more durable and powerful than the regular dragon, but it costs an extra 20 housing spaces. Apart from that, its ability is to roast which literally roasts the target as well as splashes damage on the adjacent buildings as well. On top of all that, it looks insanely cool, or should I say hot as it appears to be on fire!

Level DPS HP Training Cost TH Level
7 381 6200 44K Elixir 12
8 414 6600 48K Elixir 13
9 448 7000 52K Elixir 14

New Siege Machine

The flaming dragon ain’t the only thing added in this update as a new siege machine called The Flame Flinger has been added as well. As you must know, siege machines are introduced to the players when they reach TH12 and unlock the workshop. They are extremely useful and powerful tools and so, a new siege machine is a good news.

Flame Flinger actually is as intimidating and destructive as it sounds. It spits fireballs at the enemy’s defenses from a good distance and wrecks the target. It is a ground-based siege machine, and its biggest problem seems to be that it is incredibly slow. The training time of Flame Flinger is around 20 minutes, and it costs 1,00,000 gold to train it.

Level DPS Max DPS HP Lifetime
1 124 180 1700 106 seconds
2 137 200 1800 112 seconds
3 151 220 1900 118 seconds
4 165 240 2000 124 seconds

New Levels

We see a lot of troops and defenses receiving new levels, but in this update, other buildings received an upgrade like:

  • Siege Workshop Level 6
  • Collectors – Gold Mine level 15, Elixir Collector Level 15, and Dark Elixir Drill Level 6
  • A total of 325 level 15 Wall segments

Cost Cuts

Two things that bother a lot of new players are the high costs and upgrade time for most of the stuff in COC from TH10. While there are no time changes but there have been significant cost cuts in this update.

Other Updates

  • Star bonuses in almost all leagues have been increased by around 300%, which is a huge bump!
  • Balance changes Barbarian, Goblin, Giant, Wizard, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, PEKKA, Minion, and Healer.
  • Loads of new events with great prizes including XP and Magic Items
  • Ice Wizard is back
  • Jolly Warden Hero Skin added

With this giant update Clash of Clans is once again saved from getting an ancient venture and possibly in the next big update we might even hear about Town Hall 15 or Builder Hall 10.

So, stay tuned and Clash on!

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