Clash of Clans Free Troop Training Cost and More in the New Update

All troops, spells, and siege machines in Clash of Clans are now permanently free of the training costs. This will let players explore various troop compositions without worrying about gold, elixirs, or dark elixirs. There are also other home village changes that improve the quality of life in the new update.

Clash of Clans: Troop Training

Almost 10 years with still more than 100M players, Clash of Clans drops training costs which give more flexibility to players and efficiency in terms of upgrading. The Home Village is the core of Clash of Clan. Supercell aims to improve the gameplay without troop training cost restrictions.

Although, troop timer and troop housing spaces still exist which is, of course, still a factor in your army composition. It is still a nice deal!

What does it mean to have free training costs?

  • Well, for one, lower Town Halls (TH) like Town Hall Level do not have to worry about using dark elixir troops while farming. Now, training costs do not limit players to only using Barbarians and Archers when farming for upgrades. Players can now use even their best Clan War Armies. This is also beneficial when you are trying to max your heroes and want to farm with Dark Elixir Troops.
  • Moreover, there is an expected increase in elixir supply due to the free training cost. To compensate, Supercell changes the ability of wall upgrades using elixir to Town Hall Level 5 from previously at least Level 8 wall and up only.
  • Aside from this, Clan Castles are now upgradable using elixirs instead of gold for the same amount.
  • Donating troops to your clanmates without grudge. Everything is for free!
  • Overall, there will be faster progress with lesser effort in terms of upgrading buildings or troop levels with this new change.


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Other quality of life improvements for the new Clash of Clan Update.
  • “Remove All” Army training feature was added which means players do not have to remove spells, troops, or siege machines one by one in the army training camp.
  • Super Troop Instant Donation does not require activation to be donated. Players only need to have the required level unlocked for the super troop and use quick donate for their respective gem costs. While some players (especially F2P players) may not like to spend gems, this is still good progress in terms of super troop usage.

  • Instant Activation of Invincibility Spell for Cloned Spell Units means there are higher chances of units surviving longer with the use of Invincibility Spell.
  • Other minor changes, scenery changes, and several bug fixes in Home Village, Clan Capital, and Builder Base were implemented and can be fully viewed in this Clash of Clans Update link.
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