Clash of Clans: September 2021 Season Preview, Royal Champion Skin and More

Clash of Clans September 2021 Season Preview, Royal Champion Skin and more

Hey chief, August season is about to end, and a new season is going to arrive full of new events and rewards. August 2021 saw Supercell celebrating the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans. The month was full of small treats for the fans as it featured a new birthday obstacle, new decorations, amazing trader deals, splendid events, and Clashiversary Special Clan Games. Well, now it’s time to look towards what’s next.

New Season

The new season begins September 1, 2021, and it would probably not be any different from the regular seasons of Clash of Clans. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to be excited about, as would bring new events, new deals, new season challenges, and a whole new set of rewards.

First things first, the season is going to reset, so collect all your rewards from the August season within 2 days or you’ll lose them. Next, if you want to buy the August season’s Gold Pass to unlock exclusive rewards (including Party Queen Skin), do that within the next 2 days as well. Finally, make sure to collect your August 2021 Clan Game Rewards as well.

Moving on to the September season, as usual, the season will kick off with the Clan War league which will last a total of 10 (2 prep + 8 war) days. Make sure to join an active clan and participate in the Clan War league to earn war league medals. The new season will kick off with the following events:

  • Whirl Power – Win 15 multiplayer battles with minimum of 5 Valkyries to earn 400XP and Power Potion
  • Finer Miner – Win 15 multiplayer battles with minimum of 8 Miners to earn 400XP and 2 Research Potions
  • Medium Rare – Win 15 multiplayer battles with a minimum 1 Inferno Dragon to earn 400XP and 2 Training Potions
  • Discount Brewery – Get an 80% discount on the cost of bringing any spell, regular or dark.

New Skin

We are 99% sure that this season we will get to see a new Royal Champion skin in Clash of Clans. The Royal Champion skin we are about to see in the upcoming season is going to be none other than the Gladiator skin. We are not just doing guesswork here as we have solid reasons to believe so.

First of all, we haven’t seen the Royal Champion skin in the season rewards for the past 5 months i.e., since April 2021. Secondly, Clash of Clans hinted fans towards completing the Gladiator skin set in July via Twitter.

This Gladiator skin is available for Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden; therefore, the only hero left is the Royal Champion. Also, Gladiator Skin set was the first set provided to us by Clash of Clans. So, it makes perfect sense if it wants to finish it off first.

Do note that you can unlock this skin only via the gold pass, along with numerous other exclusive rewards. Also, as usual, the players who aren’t willing to spend money can still enjoy the free rewards from every season and fill up their season bank. These free rewards include 6-7 magic potions, 2.5 Million Gold, 2.5 Million Elixir, 25000 Dark Elixir, 1 Million Builder Elixir, 1 Million Builder Gold, and a Book of Heroes.

Clash On!

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