Clash of Clans: Super Bowler Arrives, Autumn Update Part 2

Hey chief, Clash of Clans is about to bring some brand-new changes to your village. Supercell recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans in August 2021. Since then, things have been a bit dim but now the Halloween Update is nearby! All fans know that it’s the most significant update of the game and brings a lot of delights every year. But before Halloween celebrations kick in, some major Autumn updates are taking place. Here’s what we know:

The Announcement

Yesterday, Supercell took to Clash of Clans’ Twitter handle to make the announcement about the Autumn update. They introduced some balance changes and made some new defense/troop upgrades available. They mentioned it as Autumn Update Part 1 (read here), so we knew there was a lot more coming up. Today the second batch of changes and updates are being made available.

“Super Bowler enters the Clash bowling lane! Additionally, we’ve got a couple of Quality of Life improvements we’ll also be releasing in this update,” tweeted Clash of Clans moments ago.

Yesterday’s updates included defense and troop buffs, some balance changes, and a few bug fixes/. Most of these changes affected higher Town Hall Level players, mostly TH14. Nothing new was added in yesterday’s update but today is different! We have a new super troop and quality of life changes that will affect everyone. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Super Bowlers

Fans of the game already know that how destructive and amazing Bowlers are if used right. So, Super Bowlers is very good news for attackers and could prove to be fatal for the defenders. Though fans of the game are widely disappointed with most Super Troops, some of them are just too OP. This includes Super Goblins for farming and Super Minions for both defense and attacks.

Bowler level 6 was introduced just yesterday for TH14 and today we have been gifted with Super Bowlers. You can unlock Super Bowlers are Level 4 which means you will have to be at least of TH12 to boost them. Following are the statistic of Super Bowler:

Level TH Level DPS HP Training Cost Housing Space
4 12 170 1600 700 DE 30
5 13 185 1800 875 DE 30
6 14 200 2000 1000 DE 30

As you can see their damage per second is almost double from their normal version making them lethal. Their hitpoints are almost 4-5 times the normal version making them long-lasting forces to reckon with. But apart from this what else is super about them? Their rock ball bounces one extra time for a total of 3 impacts of damage. So, they can wreak havoc in the middle of the base in a matter of seconds!

Quality of Life Changes

Clash of Clans
Courtesy of Supercell

That’s not it as some quality-of-life changes are also being made in Clash of Clans which are as follows:

  • Gain XP for Donating Troops in Wars & War Leagues – Players have been quite generous with their War donations in past years as they get nothing in return for them. On top of that, they lose training time and the cost of the troops donated. Well now, you can enjoy XP gains from War donations as well. They will be cumulated and given to you when preparation day ends.
  • A Hero Skin Randomizer has been added as well. It will randomly apply a different Hero Skin each time you load your Home Village, from the list of skins you’ve selected.
  • Some Support a Creator Improvements have been made as well

API Changes

  • Clan war opt-in/opt-out status is now present as the war Preference (in/out) property in the /players/{playerTag} response. It is now only present if a player is in a Clan.
  • Also, the maximum number of attacks available per war participant is now present as the attacksPerMember property in the /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar and /clans/{clanTag}/warlog responses.

This is the final set of upgrades for now and concludes the Autumn update. Be rest assured that loads of more information and updates will follow for a few weeks now. All eyes are fixated on the Halloween update which will probably arrive by the second week of October. Till then, it’s time to make the most of these updates and changes.

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