Landfall Games is ready to launch ClusterTruck this month.

ClusterTruck6 hours ago, I received a mail from Landfall Games that brought news for ClusterTruck‘s release. The chaotic physics based truckformer is finally gold, and is coming to Steam on September 27.

What is ClusterTruck?

Let me make it easier. You are the character of the game. You are standing on the roof of a truck. When the game begins, the truck starts moving and several other trucks starts appearing on screen. Your objective is not to fall from the roof of the truck. And for that, you need to keep jumping from the roof of one truck to another. Dodge falling buildings, hills and snow, and even make giant leaps to reach the farthest truck to stay alive. Ever played “Floor is Lava” in your childhood? Play it once again, but with chaotic trucks!

After months of beta and alpha testing, ClusterTruck is releasing! I signed up for a chance to play the alpha build, but wasn’t fortunate enough. It’s not a new thing for me. Closed Betas aren’t my thing you know.

You can pre-purchase ClusterTruck on Steam right now, and get yourself a 20% discount! The game is single-player only and includes its own level editor. Have fun making your own levels and maps!

Something exciting to be announced this Tuesday!

The mail I received included a statement -“We also have a very exciting announcement coming on Tuesday!”

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Signup for the Alpha now!

I don’t know what exactly it’s going to be, but I bet they will be announcing the release of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Don’t forget to check back on September 13th to know what’s the announcement is about!

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