CM Punk should keep his mouth shut; Suspension or Injury?

CM Punk Aew Injury Suspension

It’s no surprise even to the most uninitiated towards the cult of personality that cult leader CM Punk is known for being the voice of the voiceless. CM Punk’s retirement from professional wrestling in 2014 was a worldwide sensation among all pro wrestling fans. He spoke hard cold truths in what he called a pipe bomb of the promos.

Yet the voice of the voiceless may have found himself in a yearningly similar position to his history of 2014. A post-event media scrum in the post-AEW All Out pay-per-view led to a few altercations, including but not limited to a physical brawl. And for CM Punk injury to his triceps may not be as contending as the possibility of being fired.

What Really Happened?

CM Punk’s Post ALL OUT Media Scrum

  • After CM Punk’s World championship title win against Jon Moxley on 4th September Sunday night All-Out pay-per-view, Punk engaged in a post-show media scrum. In the scrum, Punk ranted about his colleagues – The Executive Vice Presidents (Kenny Omega and ‘the Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson).
The Young Bucks
Courtesy of AEW official website
  • Punk also called out former Ring of Honor colleague and friend Calt Cobalt and Hangman Adam Page. CM Punk at one point defended that people within AEW had falsely alleged that punk demanded Cabana be sent to Ring Of Honor. 

After That A Physical Altercation Ensued

As per a report from Fightful, later, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are said to have allegedly come to Punk’s locker room to confront him. Upon Punk’s refusal to answer, the three EVPs continued to kick the locker room door open.

CM Punk’s friend and AEW Producer Ace Steel engaged in a backstage brawl. Ace Steel justified his act by stating the basis that his wife was in the locker room, and because of that, he was agitated in the heat of the moment. Ace Steel allegedly bit Omega’s neck and also threw a chair that hit one of the Young Bucks’ eyes. 

  • The 9/7 episode of AEW had company president Tony Khan addressing the issue of stripping the AEW World Title. Punk had grabbed the same from Moxley in what was deemed the best pay-per-view event of AEW so far. The Elite’s AEW World Trio Title was also vacated. A tournament was announced to contend for the new AEW World champion.
  • Meanwhile, CM Punk and producer Steel, EVPS Omega and The Young Bucks, Former AEW World Champion Page, Christopher Daniels, Brandon Cutler, Pat Buck, and Michael Nakazawa were all suspended due to having fought in the brawl.

CM Punk May Have Planned The Media Scrum, Even if Not the Brawl

  • Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio stated that multiple sources within AEW believe the scrum was pre-planned by CM Punk. Host Dave Meltzer on the same expressed that Punk’s post-show scrum felt way too refined, to the point it may have been practiced.
  • The host mentioned again that Punk before his 4th September Pay Per View event had said that Sunday’s post-show press conference would be interesting.
  • Dave Meltzer also noted how Punk is said to divide the stars backstage, often putting odd comments whenever one happens to come across Punk.
CM Punk and Tony Khan in Post Media Scrum
Tony Khan and CM Punk in post All Out Press Conference Snap grab from Denise Salcedo’s Youtube video of the media scrum

CM Punk Injury Update

Initially, rumors stated that Punk was injured in the brawl itself, but recent reports stated otherwise. The best in the world got an injury during his fight with Moxley in All Out.

  • The Wrestling Observer reports state that CM Punk’s injury is in his triceps. The injury seems to be deserving of quite a treatment.
  • It happened as a result of the many maneuvers that CM Punk pulled in order to grab the world champion title and give the audience a good show. But The Wrestling Observer puts bets on the tope suicida move along with the overall two Go To Sleep finishers. 
  • Dave Meltzer reported the following about the injury: “Punk is out for eight months… six months to eight months. If he’s not let go, and a lot of people don’t want him back.
CM Punk AEW Injury and Suspension?
Courtesy of WWE.COM

Is CM Punk Gone For Good?

He is not yet fired. Tony Khan probably will not have to deal with that for some time now, given that Punk is anyway going to be in rehabilitation and go through a healing period of quite some months.

PWTorch’s Wade Keller had a different take, who mentioned that CM Punk may be feeling done with AEW. Wade Keller said the following –

“I’m almost willing to say [Punk is] probably done with the company. But I’m not super confident on that, because I just think there’s so many moving parts on this story. But that’s certainly where their leaning is right now, as opposed to he’s totally forgiven and the others are gone. I think it’s more likely Punk is gone for a variety of reasons. And I don’t know if that includes insubordination in that Q & A or if it has to do with other aspects or if it has to do with Punk just wanting out now.”

CM Punk Injury AEW Suspension media scrum
Snap grab from Denise Salcedo’s Youtube video of the media scrum


CM Punk is a cash grab sponge. His promos usually top the charts and the pro wrestler is a phenomenal professional. Heck, half of why AEW blew out of proportion was fans accommodating themselves to Punk’s return to pro wrestling. However, it is not to say that CM Punk’s possible departure will result in AEW’s downfall. For all we know, it might, but the former Superstar of the year 2011 and Wrestler of the year 2012 won’t be the only reason.

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