Coca-Cola “Zero Byte” x Fortnite: Play Pixel Point + Creative Code!

Something pretty yet thirst-quenching is brewing between Coca-Cola and the Fortnite!

The world-famous soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, just recently announced their newest energy drink, ZERO BYTE. This gaming-inspired “pixel-flavored” beverage is also meant to be a collaboration with the popular battle royal game, Fortnite. Is pixel a real flavor? We do not care, we still want it!

Photo Courtesy of Coca-Cola (via Twitter)

Coca-Cola Zero Byte will officially be released to the public on May 2. As informed, the drink will have extremely limited production.

To celebrate its release, Fortnite will feature a fantastic virtual experience with the drink in the Coca-Cola Pixel Point Island. For those who do not know, Point Island is an island created inside the premises of Fortnite by no other than … Coca-Cola. The good news is, that you do not have to purchase the drink physically to join the zero sugary byte craze. Instead, you just have to get the “free code” to gain access to the events. This would mean we will get to “Taste The Feeling” virtually, aren’t we?

Just enter this Fortnite creative code and play Pixel Point Today!

Code: 8565-0287-3178

The first people to set foot in the virtual world of Pixel Point Island are a group of popular YouTube streamers, PWR. PWR, who are famous for their Fortnite videos and gigs, hosted a mini-games tournament on the island last Tuesday (April 5). The tournament will be featuring 4 multiplayer mini-games.

Photo Courtesy of PWR (via YouTube)

Point Island Mini-Games

  1. The Race – Collect pixels while also avoiding bombs along with racing other players in the tube
  2. The Tower – Complete each task on the boards before the timer runs out to get to the next task
  3. The Escape – Parkour your way to the top
  4. The Castle – Two teams will face each other using amazing canons in a whimsical way

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